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TV Box Problems

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Whilst we can turn the new box on with the supplied remote we have to use the old handset to turn on the TV as the new remote will not do it. Also when the TV comes on everything now we have to use the original TV remote to get HDMI 1.


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the following info is taken from our help article and may be of use :


Your remote control will not auto-sync with your TV or Soundbar. If you would like to adjust the volume on your TV using the TV Hub remote, you can easily set it up by following the simple steps below.


  1. Press the Home button on your TV Hub remote
  2. Press the up arrow to select Settings (cog)
  3. Select Remotes & Accessories
  4. Select your connected remote (For example TalkTalk RC408)
  5. Select TV/AVR Control
  6. Follow the simple setup steps on your TV by pressing on Begin
  7. After a short time you'll be asked to test your volume and confirm everything is working. If not, follow further steps on your TV to get yourself set up.

You'll now be able to switch between TV Volume mode and TV Hub volume mode by:

  • Pressing Home and digit 2 together on your remote until the blue light blinks twice to switch to TV Hub volume mode
  • Pressing Home and digit 1 together on your remote until the blue light blinks twice to switch to TV volume mode



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Thanks for your reply.

We have the TV Hub. Whist our TV is not ancient I suppose there is the possibility that we ned to upgrade.


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which box do you have? Netgem 4k or TV Hub?


Both remotes can work TV's but its not like the old YouView ones where a code will suffice.


The TV Hub will search for a handshake from the TV and if the TV is compliant with protocols it will link.


The Netgem 4k box requires a setting to be switched on in settings and for the TV to be compliant. More information for the 4k box can be found by searching for and downloading the generic 4k manual.


It may be that your TV may be of an age where it is not using the current protocols required. I cant recall what the technical term is as my 4k box is not currently in use, but I did have a similar issue when testing this box as the TV was not compliant.


hope this helps.

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