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Own Router on UFO


Evening / Morning,


I am due to be connected to your Ultra Fibre Optic on the 30th, all being well with how things are currently.


I have searched the forums for an answer on this but unfortunately I can only find answers for the FTTC service using a router with an inbuilt VDSL modem.


Does the UFO service support 3rd party routers? I understand that the UFO support team may only be able to offer support with their own kit, but is this allowed?


For reference the router I wish to continue using is the Netgear D6400 that has the built in WAN port - hopefully I can avoid having two routers on the go!



Alternatively would someone with the UFO service advise on their setup or the router TalkTalk supply for their UFO service?


Thank you in advance

Community Team

Hi Kie24k,


Thanks for you post. It may be worth checking in with our dedicated UFO Team to see what they recommend.



UFO Support Team 




Repeat Guest

I'm intending to use my own router too (a pfSense box). If I've understood right the homeport just presents an ethernet WAN interface and does not require any authentication.


I've had my installation but my service isn't live yet (saving that particular tale of woe for another thread); if and when it goes live, I'll let you know how I get on.

Community Team

Hi poppadum,


I can't see any problem with using a third party router but I would check this with the UFO Support Team  team, they'll be able to advise you


UFO Customer

See the link below.


I have been using my own router for quite some time, just make sure your router does support 10/100/1000.



Thank you all for your replies!

Just had a look through your post and it looks promising. I'll let the engineers set it all up as standard and once I know it's all up and working, I'll hook my router up and give it a go after.

I appreciate the feedback

All the best to all and stay safe
UFO Customer

I can assure you that using your own router will work fine if setup correctly, I was told by TalkTalk they don't have a problem with users doing this, but they obviously cannot help if you have issues, so you will have to support 3rd party hardware yourself.


As I say, just ensure your router and firmware can support 940 meg.


My current setup here is 3 Asus Routers (1st, main access, 2nd, VPN access, 3rd, in the garage to give full wifi over the garden).


All works like a dream, my supplied Talktalk router is in a box gathering dust for a few years now.


Technicality, the system relies on City Fibre, and works great, I cannot fault it after around 4 years of use. I know Talktalk and other ISP's get some stick for poor service, but most rely on Openreach. As this system doesn't rely on Openreach, it works great.