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Be careful, UK, your data is not safe with TalkTalk!

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 Be careful, UK, your data is not safe with TalkTalk!

I have tried multiple times to get the attention of TalkTalk to fix the issue that I, who have lived in California for the past 40 years, continue to receive a TalkTalk customer's information about her account, updates and other information.  I have tried emailing TalkTalk with no response.  I have called TalkTalk from my home in California and talked to a representative who told me that I needed to be the account holder to deal with TalkTalk.  Security issues-OK!  But she did not want to know that I get sensitive information for the customer and that it must be a simple fix to change or even flag the email account for investigation.  I have been getting these emails for quite a few years and wondered if other account holders had any idea that TalkTalk has this careless regard for their data.  I take my data security most seriously and would hope TalkTalk would look into a report of this severity.  Surely, if they have any regard for customer security, they will research their records for the contacts I have made to TalkTalk (emails (on this forum login) and phone call from US area code 510) to correct this problem.  I have their customer's information every month courtesy of TalkTalk.  They can find my information in their contact records. 

Be careful, UK, your data is not safe with TalkTalk and they don't seem to care!


@Trying to Help have u tried logging a formal complaint 


some other info u might find help full


i think the way u are trying to contact talktalk is via a customer channel


why not post in the help side and see if the oce staff can help u out   see Help with your TalkTalk service - TalkTalk Community


if u post in the Your Account & Billing they should be able to help where they can and get it looked at please post in ur own topic 



Hope that help Regards Joe
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For some time I received e-mails intended for someone in Australia. I would receive messages from her hair stylist, and from her child's school, and from several other organisations. I replied to the hair stylist, and attempted to unsubscribe my e-mail address from some of the other organisations.


When I received an email from an Australian Charity regarding her donations to the charity, and the tax relief allowable, it included her full name and address, but infuriatingly not her e-mail address, of course they had that on file as my email address.


I used some unconventional means to contact her, and found out that her and my email addresses were the same apart from the inclusion of an underscore character just before the '@' sign in hers, not in mine!


If you are receiving so much detailed information about a TalkTalk customer, does it not include an email address, a phone number or a postal address? Could you not use a conventional method or even an unconventional method to contact the customer and make them aware of the situation?

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