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Been charged a cancellation fee but not cancelled

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I recently upgraded to full fibre. I was quick to confirm with the person over the phone that I wouldn’t be charged any hidden prices and he was able to tell me that there was no hidden cost just the new monthly price plan for my full fibre package. Since then I have been sent emails and calls saying we are sorry you decided to cancel your contract with us. 

I then received an email saying that I would be charged £217 for breaking my contract early. I spoke to customer services and I was reassured there had been some confusion and I could rest assured the problem had been rectified and I wouldn’t be charged. Then I receive my March bill for £257. Again I spoke to customer services who said I would be credited the cancellation fee of £217 onto my account, i received an email confirming this information also. This morning I checked my account and I’ve been credited only £4.98. I’m feeling so stressed as I do not have this amount of money to pay. 


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Hi @Colleen8


I have checked the account and the amount has since been cleared. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused