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Change of Supplier/Cancellation of Contract.

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Since February 7th we have been asking to cancel our contract as we have switch to Virgin Media. 

I have spend a total of 25_HOURS on dealing with assistants by typing messages and actually talking to real people. 

TalkTalk keep saying that they cannot "cease the contract" until the new provider tells them.

Virgin day they have no such process and have never had this request before.

I have emails from both TalkTalk and Virgin stating their cases, but as neither Company has an email address I cannot forward both parties copies of their messages.

For several reasons we MUST retain our number which we have had for 35 years. 

TalkTalk are still sending us bills, even though our landline is being used on our Virgin router. We have never used the TalkTalk internet as this has been provided by Virgin and the original company prior, since 1989.

What can I do to resolve this?


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Hi volvolimoman


So you have 2 lines? 


Its not possible to move your number to an already active Virgin line, as the service with us, is still active and calls are being made from the TalkTalk line. 


One solution is for you to cancel the full TalkTalk service , releasing the number, it is then upto Virgin media to claim the number when its spare, but there is no guarantee they can do this .   


Alternatively cancel the Virgin service and once cancelled place a new order with them asking them to migrate the number from us. 


Wont be a quick process, Sorry. 



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It's probably because it's NOT a new service with Virgin (if you have been using them all this time alongside Talktalk).


So this is NOT a normal switch. 


Virgin can normally take over the number as part of the process, but they are not setting up a new service for you this time. 


Sounds like what you are asking slips between the cracks in the system.


I'll move this to the billing section for you. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.