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Copper wire switched off before upgrade to fibre

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Talk talk have informed me that my internet connection has been disconnected. My full fibre installation was recenlty postponed until July and it appears that different departments within talk talk didn't communicate this between each other and so I've been cut off. A support agent told me I'd have to wait until full fibre is installed to have internet and they offered to move the date forward but I got cut off before I could agree and now am trying to set this up as soon as possible. However, I'd also like to know whether 1) I can have the interet switched back on in the meantime and if not 2) whether there is a compensation scheme when mistakes like this happen. Any help much appreciated!


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Thanks Arne


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Hi AndyPat


Sorry that the service has stopped, once the line is ceased its not possible to restart it quickly. 


Once the full fibre service is live on Friday 31st we can discuss compensation. 


Apologies again. 

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Thanks very much Gliwmaeden2.


City fibre couldn't install the full fibre on the original date. Talk Talk were informed (they phoned me a more than a week ago to confirm). When we didn't have internet yesterday, the thought crossed my mind that maybe Talk Talk had not told the team who disconnect old lines. Now it's pretty clear that's what happened. Not sure what's involved in switching lines on and off but talk talk seemed to be saying switching it back on wasn't an option. I'll get on the chat or try and find a phone number to ask if they can give us some internet for the next couple of days but not holding out much hope.


I've moved the full fibre installation date forward to Friday and hopefully city fibre will be able to complete the job.

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@AndyPat, I will move this to the billing section for clarification about compensation etc.


Normal automatic compensation cover is described here:


Was the date of installation changed to July by you or by Talktalk?


With any changes there's a danger that they forget to apply the new date for cut off to the original service. 


All you can do is ask Chat / phone support regarding reactivating your service, but that can affect contracts so it's also relevant to the billing section of the forum. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.