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Lifting of restrictions

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I was late paying my bill and restrictions were put in place I now paid my bill on the 27th of July and now on the 30th of July I’m still left without any internet apparently the restrictions have been lifted but on my end when I try go on the internet a page comes up saying that there’s restrictions still in place and I’ve spoken with people from talk talk 14 times now and it just seems I’m being sent round on circles 


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Hi @Hayleylundie1995,


Sorry for the delay.


Are you still unable to connect to the network? 






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Hi I’ve already Turner my router off several times but it’s still not worked 

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Staff may not be back until Monday, occasionally there is some Saturday support.


Please add your home phone number to your community profile so they can identify your account, click the avatar at the top RHS of this page to start, do not post personal details here.


Apparently the system can get stuck and turning your router OFF for more than 30 minutes can sometimes solve the problem.