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Migrated From Shell - Cannot Register

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Hello, I have migrated in from Shell but cannot register for My Account.  


If I try to register I get the message:

"There was a technical error

We’re very sorry and working hard to resolved this. Please try again later."


The email I am trying to use to register already exists in My Account, as I have been with TalkTalk previously, which may be the cause of the problem.  I know the password for this account if that helps.  Logging on to MyAccount with that email address just shows my old discontinued TalkTalk accounts, not the new one created when I migrated from Shell.


Could someone do a bit of tidying up on my My Account so that I can register with my new account migrated from Shell?








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Fantastic, yes it works, I've been able to register just fine.


Thank you so much.  😀

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Hi @John_G


Can you try and re-register again for My Account with your new account number


Thank you. 


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Thanks, yes it's a Gmail email address.


Four old TalkTalk accounts listed when I logon, so I suppose this is my fifth time here!


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It seems to be a known issue cropping up for previous Talktalk customers now being migrated from Shell, @John_G.


It's better to use a non Talktalk email address for billing. 


Staff can definitely clear up the old account so that you can then try and register My Account afresh. 


Wait to hear back from them (they are on here Monday to Friday, daytime).

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.