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Overcharging Again

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I am currently in Asia for 6 months so cannot access my account. I am not using my broadband but  still pay my bills by Direct Debit. My contract started 03 April 2023 at an agreed price of £20.00 per month. However, the account was set up at £22.84 per month for some unknown reason and a credit of £2.84 applied each month to reduce the bill to the agreed £20.00 per month. I am angry at this method because now for the third time since April I have to complain that my December bill information has been received via email and the credit of £2.84 has not been applied. Previous complaints are referenced [ET-320330] and [ET-467441]. 

This problem interferes with a perfect holiday and I do not understand the reason why you decide to agree a contract price of £20.00 and then set up my account ar £22.84 which was still showing when I left UK on 06 October 2023. On top of this I cannot find any way to contact you whilst in Asia other than telephone and the high cost involved whilst abroad. No access to my account, no email address, so this is the only way to detail the error on my bill.
Exasperated In Malaysia and I ask for some form of compensation. Please remember that if you contact me via email then I need to be able to reply !!!!

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@Rogerbclayton  you can access your account using a free VPN.

I use Windscribe and get in with no problems from Thailand.

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It will show up in Transaction History, @Rogerbclayton.


That's where you need to check each month.


It looks like they charged the price for £20 plus the CPI + 3.7% that kicked in from April 2023, but, as you had just renewed right then, it shouldn't have been applied to the new contract. 


The inflation rate from this December, published in January,  will apply from next April, so when you do get back from holiday there could be a further mess to look forward to if they simply add April 2024's increase onto your current headline bill price. 


Next April's increase should be added to your discounted agreed price of £20.00 instead. 


I'll flag this aspect up, in case anything can be done about that in anticipation of when you get back.


It sounds as though it's actually always corrected in My Account as a credit, but you are just not able to see that from abroad.  


You should be able to see that the correct amount is being taken from your bank account each month, however. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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