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Refund of Contract Breakage Fee

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I have recently moved house and tried to initiate a house move with TalkTalk only to find that fibre services are not available at my new address. I subsequently had to terminate my broadband on the day of the move.


A week or so after moving I received a letter showing a Contract Breakage Fee of £166.67. I rang up to query this and was told it was triggered by the new owners of my old house setting up broadband at the address with a different supplier and that the fee would not be applied.


The fee was taken from my account about a week ago. I rang up the billing department today and waited for about an hour for them to confirm that the £166.67 needed authorisation before it could be refunded. This would happen in about 2-3 hours and I could then ring back to request the refund or request it through the My Account page of the website.

This all seems a bit ridiculous. I don't really want to spend another hour on the phone trying to explain what happened and I can't see any way of requesting the refund through the My Account page.

Can anyone please advise the best way to get my money back? Is this the correct procedure or am I just being fobbed off? Surely after a refund has been authorised it would just be paid out?




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Glad to see that it seems to be resolved, thanks for letting us know.  


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Thanks all, the issue appeared to be that I was still registered on the TalkTalk system as living at the old address when the new owner took out broadband with a different supplier. I moved out a couple of days earlier that I had notified TalkTalk, so that may have had something to do with it.

I just rang back and the refund is now being processed. Seems odd you have to re-request the refund after it has been authorised, but I should have the money back in my account in about 7 days, so happy enough.

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@SteveJRobertson Were you told when you terminated your service that early termination fees would be waived? The T&Cs do make clear that they may apply if a service cannot be provided in the event of a move. 


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Talktalk doesn't usually make refunds directly to your bank account. 


They seem to always be made to My Account, @SteveJRobertson.


If you have already removed your Direct Debit details,  you'll need to have this sent to you as a cheque. 


Staff reply on here Monday to Friday. 


Please look out for their reply. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.