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TalkTalk extortion - Unlimited Calls Boost added and billed for without permission-and not removable

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Since July 2023 TalkTalk have been billing me £16 / month for Unlimited UK Calls Boost.
I never requested this boost. I do not even have a phone at this address and have never even used a phone ever on this account.
Further, it appears impossible to cancel this thing. When I click on "manage telephone add-ons" it is not even listed (see below). How the **** are we supposed to cancel it? Are we supposed to have to call TalkTalk? I really don't fancy spending ages on hold...
If there are any TalkTalk agents here please read below:
Please remove this "boost" and refund me all of the £16 charges you have made for this "service" since July 2023 - I guess there will be 6 or 7 lots of £16. You tell me. Please do not appeal to any small print in any contract, this is clearly extortion. I am also not the first of your customers to experience this issue. I guess that is the intention. If you do not do this I will firstly cancel my service with you (and immediately cancel the direct debit) and never even think about using you in future, secondly I will make sure everyone I know never uses TalkTalk again and finally, I will take the complaint further, as far in fact as I can which will involve regulators and possibly even the small claims court. If however you do refund me and cancel this thing then I'll keep using you and you'll have a decent paying loyal customer. So in short you'll save a lot more time and money than you will lose by making this refund. The choice is yours.
Herebe my details: ** removed for security * *

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Hi @thomasjamesauld 


Sorry that you are unhappy.


Please don't post personal information on the open community I have removed the information for your security.


For clarity the anytime calls boost has been enabled on your account since you last renewed 24 months ago in 2021 , as part of that deal you where given the boost free for 24 months which ended in June 2032,   


It has been displayed on your bill each month, and we would expect that you check your bill each month when the  notification arrives,.


Also 30 days before the end of your minimum term we send you a notification that your price will revert back to full out of contract price, and encourage you to contact us, As you didn't contact us, we are under the assumption that you are happy to move to a rolling 30 day contract at out of contract prices and all discounts end.


Again the boost has been present since 2021 and displayed on each bill, boosts can be removed at any point after the initial 30 days if you don't use your phone, this can be done via My Account where you would check you monthly bill,  We cant be held responsible if you don't check your bill each month.  


If you want me to remove the boost let me know, alternatively you can do it via My Account. 


Based on the information I have explained above, a refund is not applicable