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Mistaken Engineer Charge

First Timer
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Hi there,


I'm reaching out because I believe I've been unfairly charged for a recent engineer visit, here's why:


  • In mid-March, I started experiencing frequent internet connection drops and slow speeds.
  • After troubleshooting with the live chat support, they detected a fault in the line and sent out an Openreach engineer.
  • This engineer diagnosed a fault with the outdoor cabling and supposedly fixed it, claiming increased speeds
  • Unfortunately, the connection drops continued after the first Openreach visit.
  • I contacted the live chat support who detected the fault again and sent a TalkTalk engineer, but they couldn't identify the issue.
  • The connection problems continued, forcing me to contact live chat again. Once again, they were able to detect the issue and sent another Openreach engineer.
  • This final Openreach visit successfully fixed the problem.


Since the initial Openreach and Talktalk engineer visits didn't resolve the issue, and a subsequent Openreach visit was needed for a permanent fix, I believe the charge is a mistake. The live chat team even detected the problem after both visits, highlighting it wasn't fully resolved.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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Many thanks 😊


Support Team
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Hi @ItsChris


I can see that a credit has been applied to your account for the charge. 


You can request a refund via My Account.