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What is the minimum guaranteed speed for Fibre 65?

Whizz Kid
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I normally get around the 45Mbps from my Fibre 65, recently I have had a lot of problems with intermittent broadband connection, which is normally sorted out by Openreach using new wires to to local junction box.


The last time was about two weeks ago and it was back up to a consistent 45Mbps.


I have just tried to stream a video and it stated not enough speed.

Checking on the PC it's down to 22Mbps, this is normally a precursor of the same old intermittent connection problem yet again, (about 10 in the last 2 years).


What is the minimum guaranteed speed, because when I run a speed test it tells me I'm getting 24Mbps with a guaranteed minimum of 17Mbps?


This cannot be correct that the minimum is 17Mbps when I am paying for a service that states 65Mbps.


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Well, thanks for that, it's worth asking.


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@Qwghlm wrote:

if it wasn't for the fact that TT would charge me £111.34p to cancel my contract I'd be off to pastures new.


It really depends on who you are thinking of moving to, whether they'll cover that cost or not. I know BT will cover it as I enquired recently. They said it would be paid by means of a credit applied to my account after it is all set up and upon me supplying them proof of the early termination charge I had paid. I don't know about other ISPs, I guess you'll just have to ask them.



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I think you are right, I will do after Christmas.

What with TT not supplying recording freeview boxes any more and relying on streaming content, if it wasn't for the fact that TT would charge me £111.34p to cancel my contract I'd be off to pastures new.


I've just checked and Openreach have been out 5 times this year to sort out the connection between the local junction box and my property, February, April, May, November, and December.


I know it'll be the same for any supplier as they all use Openreach, but maybe it'd be easier to get Openreach to do something.


Anyway, I will definitely take your advice and include the transcripts of my conversations with TT sales, and the guaranteed download speeds from BT and NOW broadband.


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@Qwghlm ,

I think it's quite clear that the front line customer service, technical support and staff on this forum have neither the ability nor the authority to correct the guaranteed minimum speed on their systems. I think you need to escalate your complaint higher up.

Whizz Kid
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Wow, talking to your Customer Loyalty Team is unbelievably stressful.


So far I've been told that even though it was 17Mbps minimum when I took out Fibre65 this May, they can't do anything to bring it in line with the minimum of 36.1Mbps that it would be now, so I was put through to the tech team as they are the ones to sort it out.


Took ages to get the tech team to understand that I have not got a current problem with my line, they kept on wanting to test it even though I repeated at least half a dozen times that the fault has been sorted by Openreach yesterday.


They then wanted to know why I wanted a line test done, I said I didn't, (again), and just wanted my minimum line speed to be 36.1Mbps as per the current Fibre65 figures.


Quite why I am having this trouble I do not know, it seems simple to me to update the minimum to what TT say is current.


(I still say I was told 37Mbps when I took it out).


When I first took out Fibre65 I was getting 45Mbps, as I am now, nothing has changed in the last 7 months.


I'm now waiting to go back to the Customer Loyalty Team.

That's just great, 1h5m on the phone and they hang up on me.


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Hi Qwghlm,


I can only suggest contacting us if you experience any further issues with your service, I'm afraid I can't change the minimum guaranteed speed on our systems



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It's great to get the problem sorted, but having that artificial minimum line speed really affects getting anything done in a timely manner.


If you are able to take a look at my history you will see how often Openreach has had to sort out a problem with the cable from the junction box to just outside my house, it's never an internal problem.


I know there will always be problems, but I'd like to be able to get something done prior to having the speed drop to less than 17Mbps when it should be less than 37Mbps.

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Hi Qwghlm,

Glad to hear that the issue has been resolved, please let us know if you experience any further problems



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Received this email yesterday.



We're very sorry you've had a problem with your broadband service. An engineer has recently done some repair works on your line, and your connection might take a few days to adjust.

We'll keep an eye on your service and if the problem happens again we'll let you know what we're doing to fix it.
We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


If you're having any further issues, please visit Service Centre where you can live chat to one of the team.

Your TalkTalk team"


Just checked my line speed and it is indeed back up to the usal 45Mbps, so thank you for sorting that out.


Still leaves the question as to why my line speed has been downgraded to an expected minimum of 17Mbps though.


It makes it impossible to get a problem solved as promptly as it should.


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I can see that the sync speed has dropped and the connection looks very unstable so I've passed this over to Openreach now to complete an external line investigation. If you don't hear anymore in the next 48hrs then please let us know and we can re-check for an update on the fault for you.




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Done, and thank you.

Line speed to the router is now 16.5 and was as low as 12.6 yesterday.
I would still like to know why my line has been downgraded to a minimum of 17 at some time between taking out Fibre65 and now.

I have been looking at other broadband suppliers and they all confirm a minimum of 35Mbps for my line, as did TT when I first took out Fibre65.
And my wife informs me that the landline call quality was bad on occasions last week as well with a lot of crackling.


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I'm sorry for the delay. I've re-run the line test now which has detected a potential fault. Please can you add an alternative contact number to your Community Profile and we can raise this over to Openreach for further investigation. Please do not post any personal information on the Community.





Community Star
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You need to stop posting because you are just knocking yourself to the back of the queue each time. I have re-escalated this for you and they will respond as soon as they can.


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Ah, OK.


Hopefully they'll start posting again.


They stopped after telling me to ring their customer loyalty team during business hours.


Community Star
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I meant the support team here on the community. Personally, I wouldn't waste my time with anyone else.


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As I say I'm texting support, but they are ignoring the history and are saying that's it's the cache or the WiFi to one of my devices, (one lives upstairs and the WiFi from the router is rubbish so the speeds are around the 5Mbps).


They want me to run diagnostics which I know is going to the master socket and plugging everything in there direct without extension leads. 


As the master socket is in my hallway, (old house), I can't do this as I'm with a PC that is connected LAN and in my study.


It's never been an internal problem in the 5 years that this has been going on.


I've been told by Openreach that it's mainly the cable from outside to the socket and my drive will eventually have to be dug up to replace it as they are running out of lines they can use.

The last couple of times it's been from the box at the bottom of the road some 1/4 mile away to the box outside my house.

I'm losing the will to live going round in circles talking to TalkTalk Support.



Community Star
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@Qwghlm The support team will be able to see the connection log on your router remotely. I suggest you refrain from posting further until they reply so as not to to delay further, bearing in mind that there is little time now before the holidays are upon us. 


Whizz Kid
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Speed is now down to 12.6 according to the router and Broadband Speedchecker, the TT speedtest just says "Sorry there was a technical error - we're working on it" etc.

Interesting that it comes up with an error rather than showing  the 12.6Mbps speed eh?

Nothing sinister there then.


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The trouble is every time they check it the router is showing steady white, so they say it's OK.


I was texting TT help yesterday and they really don't or won't understand the problem.


Ended up stating they thought it was the cache in my browser causing the disconnect issue, but I don't see how that would make the router flash red/white, (line has just gone down while I type this, got an error message "Sorry, unable to complete the action you requested", now back up 30 seconds later).

I can't consistently stream an on-line game either as the line keeps going down and the game crashes, that's nothing to do with the browser.


They got all shirty when I said I wouldn't delete the cache as that's not the problem, and it would lose all of the usernames etc. that are used on the various sites, so would be a nightmare for nothing.


So I started up Brave instead of Chrome and deleted the cache on that browser, of course it didn't make a difference, then I gave up with them as they were insisting next that I had a problem with one of my devices WiFi connection that was causing it.


The same with the on-line line test, if I can get to the link it means the router is steady white, so shows no problem.


Of course, if the router is blinking red/white I can't get to the line check page, Catch 22 in all it's glory.

I'm going to try to keep a log of how much uptime there has been on the router, it's dropped the line twice this morning already, but it's difficult to catch all of them because I'm not at the PC 100% of the time.


Community Star
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OK, well there is something clearly amiss if your router keeps disconnecting. I would park the minimum speed argument for the moment and wait for the support team to come back and check your line. Bear in mind that they won't be back online until Monday.