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Since the launch of the new webmail the facility to set the filter to block unwanted email addresses seems to be lost.

Also some of my favoured email contacts are being diverted to spam.

Can the blocked filter be accessed by a user and is there any way I can reset the filter to accept emails from a safe source.


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Hi jontov, it's not a fault or a mistake. Cloudmark requires these processes to be followed to ensure that spam is blocked. I hope that helps clear things up for you. 

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same here,another *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* up from tt


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Hi TomDonaldson1, I'm being told that we have to have customers delete all filters when this issue occurs especially if those filters were migrated from the old platform. If you could do that and let me know how you get on. 

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Hi @TomDonaldson1 


As this is your thread I've escalated it to the TalkTalk team to investigate why a specific email sender isn't getting emails to you.  Just put the sender's email address and a note in your Community profile Private notes.  And just disable the Filter rules in TalkTalk webmail to make absolutely sure there's no condition and action that could be discarding or rejecting the wanted email.


You'll get a response from the TalkTalk team next week.


And the other contributors to this thread - as it's now reactivated for the topic owner's issue, if you have any ongoing issue with your own circumstances please start your own topic but equally feel free to contribute to directly help Tom.

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Unlike other users I only use my home pc for TT Webmail so I do not need to sync with other devices. 

Over the past 3 weeks I have not received 3 mails from a trusted source. I checked my blocked senders list and the company is not listed- they have no connection with Russian Ladies or BItcoin that still get through. The messages do not land in my Spam box or Trash and the sender does not get a bounce back so the mails must go somewhere.

Any assistance would be helpful


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Hi @Amm2t 


Ah, so the Outlook test message did get into the TalkTalk Mail Spam folder.  As I understand the reason for these specific test messages they are sent when Outlook tests the configuration settings for an email client setup. In this case a change in email client settings in Outlook for the TalkTalk Mail account and a Test Account Settings request.


I expect you're confident that the email client settings change and test were originated by yourself. I suspect the email is in the Spam folder if there's no Return-Path: <> email address. Might the other emails also have no Return-Path email address?


If all the email clients are set up for IMAP protocol then they're all seeing the same server mailbox and its folders so deleting an email from the server mailbox will be replicated on all devices.  Backing up emails to local folders / local drives is a good strategy.


With a POP3 never delete scenario then deleting an email on one of those devices will not delete it from the others or the server which means deleting on each device.


The Keep action in TalkTalk Mail Filter rules should keep a copy of the email in the Inbox. What Filter rule did you try earlier?

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Precisely! I didn't think I was the only person in the World still using POP3.


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Returning to this issue, I am wondering if some of the discussion is at cross purposes. Like Amm2t I am using Outlook as part of MS Office operating as an .exe program on my desktop. Using the POP3 protocols, each time I ask Outlook to send and receive, it visits the TT mail box and downloads everything in there and then deletes it. I am getting regular mails from one particular (trusted) source, and every message is being placed by TT into the Spam folder before it gets anywhere near my TT inbox. As a result, Outlook never gets to download the message because I do not believe that it can be set to download Spam messages, only those in the Inbox. So, clearly, the problem is being generated by TT misclassifying ham messages as spam. I never used to use webmail to check what might be happening there because, in the past, everything was passed through to Outlook where I could take the appropriate action. Even if Outlook decides that a message is spam, it still downloads it into a Spam folder, but then allows me to review its decision. It further provides me with some protection by disabling links in such messages until I have moved them to the Inbox.

What we really need is one of two things. Either TT provides individual user control to mark safe senders as not delivering spam rather than just allowing us to mark messages that have slipped through as really spam. In the alternative, to find a way for us to download spam via POP3 mailbox.


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As you say, a personal thing. The system I have used since email started is to set all my devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc) to NOT delete downloaded emails, with the single exception of my main office computer, which is set to delete emails from the server once downloaded. I can then check emails on the move, delete as necessary, and still download and keep important emails on my office computer, going back years if necessary, and never have to worry about changing providers, or them getting hacked, or losing data.


That system dictates POP3, because (as I understand it) IMAP in effect is cloud based, and deleting something from one device deletes it from all.


So, today I realised that some messages (two from a County Council, and some Outlook test messages) were sitting in the TT spam box, and thus had never been downloaded. If I send a test receive and send from my Outlook account, that still ends up in the spam box - see attached screenshot.


As I said, what I would like to achieve is that NO mail gets automatically allotted by TT into the spam box, only the In Box - but I can't find any filter settings that work to accomplish that.


I really don't want to keep having to log into TT mail every so often to make sure I am not missing something!Capture.PNG


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Hi @Amm2t 


If you use IMAP settings for the email clients on the various devices you'll be in more control (IMHO) because you can sync all folders including the Spam folder.  That's the way I stay in control but I guess POP3 vs IMAP is a personal preference thing.


If I understand the way you're using email it's just using Outlook to download emails from the server Inbox.


I'm not aware of TalkTalk sending mail direct to the mailbox Spam folder. Have you got an example and in the email header (View source) is X-Spam given a score other than 0?


Won't the Outlook test message just end up in the Outlook local Spam folder? And marking emails there as Not Spam is just a local setting in Outlook isn't it?  i.e. the Outlook Spam folder isn't synchronised at all to the TalkTalk Mail mailbox.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi, no, that's not it. As with many other users, I use MS Outlook, and almost never look into my TT mail online. I much prefer to use POP3 rather than IMAP, so I remain in control of what appears where, and what is deleted or not on my various devices.


I have become aware that some legitimate email is being sent by TT to the spam box in TT email, which means it is not downloaded to Outlook, and I am therefore unaware it exists.


As I prefer to control what is and isn't spam myself, what I am trying to do is to set up the TT filter so that ALL mail goes into the inbox, rather than the spam box. That will then get downloaded in its entirety, and nothing will be missed.


It's really not much of an excuse to keep having to say to a client that their mail ended up in the spam box, and thus it hasn't been dealt with.


I have also noticed that, despite marking an email as 'Not Spam', future emails from the same source (eg. Outlook test message!) still and up in the spam box.

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Hi @Amm2t 


If you're asking about marking emails in your Spam folder previously marked as spam then just select the email in the Spam folder and select Not spam from the toolbar.  The email will be returned to the Inbox.


Marking as Spam or Ham.png


The Cloudmark Authority Engine's intelligence gathering about spam should, to the best of my knowledge about the TalkTalk mail platform, be notified that the email isn't spam but genuine ham. This information will be taken into account to update the TalkTalk blocking filters.


The mail filtering using Filter rules for email arriving at your mailbox is very comprehensive. Some of my earlier rules didn't work as expected or not for every case so knowing what filtering I wanted to achieve and the best way to achieve it does take a really good bit of logical thinking. 


But individual Filter rules will only work on email arriving at your mailbox. They'll not work on email identified as spam and blocked before it arrives at your mailbox. 

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I have exactly the same problem. I have tried to create a filter rule which sends ALL mail to the inbox, but no success. If anyone manages to find a way to disable the spam box completely, I would love to know.

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Hi jpcoh1 


If a genuine sender of emails to you has their IP address blocked then they'll get a bounceback error message. They can get information from CloudMark via and request TalkTalk to unblock.


Is there such a thing as erroneously marked spam? TalkTalk email users mark emails as spam and along with Cloudmark Sender Intelligence fingerprints of spam emails are used to identify and block spam senders.


The blocking of really bad and malicious / dangerous content is preferable to bypassing filtering. IMHO. 

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Hi Gondola. I appreciate your time and effort. My problem is somewhat different, however. I use Outlook on my PC downloading all my Talktalk messages over POP3. Items erroneously marked as Spam by TT never even reach my PC so I never get to assess whether the TT filter is meeting my needs. I do not mind too much receiving Spam into Outlook which I can then filter on my own PC. What I do not need is to have my messages held up before they even reach me when I really do want to see them.

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Hi @tjeffery 


In this rule I've a filter that files into Spam everything From the .ru domain. Does that work for you?


Filter Rules - Blacklist.png

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I to have the same problem since the update - the filter has changed its format, it was never easy to work with before but at least it was in a readable/editable format, now its just comma seperated email addresses which is very difficult t read (OK you can read it if you paste it onto Word and then add some CRLF's.


As mentioned by others, repeated emails from the same person AND DOMAIN (Why can't we just block a domain similar to other maill services) are turning up even though we mark them as spam..




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Hi all, just a brief explanation of why I've not responded before. If you post in a thread post after post our workflow tool gives you the same time to help each other before giving it to use as it did for the first post. This means each post by one of you pushes you away from staff support. That said I've answered this question elsewhere. And it's answered in frequently asked questions. The same spam blocking works on the new platform as the old which is cloudmark and we've not changed our basic or more advanced defaults on there so all the same mails should be blocked. On your behalf I asked the questions about spam and was told that cloudmark sees moved mailboxes as new ones. That said I've not had confirmation that, that is the cause of this. I'm still pursuing it on your behalf. In the words of Arne Schwarzenegger "I'll be back" as soon as I have confirmation. 

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Hi @jpcoh1 


To synchronise folders in your TalkTalk mailbox to your computer you need to set up Outlook to subscribe to those folders.


My recommendation is to save all downloaded emails to a local folder or to a backup email account, delete the Outlook email account and set it up as an IMAP account. It'll normally subscribe by default to all folders.  Here's some advice from Microsoft, for versions of Outlook from 2007 to 2019, on subscribing and unsubscribing to mailbox folders.  To see the spam folder on your desktop just subscribe to that folder.


The auto-forwarding of emails is normally higher priority (after out of office / vacation notice responses) than other filter rules set up in TalkTalk Mail.  If the email comes into your Inbox as normal then it'll be picked up by the auto-forward filter rule.

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Hello Gondola and thanks for your input. I still have not seen the following point addressed and would be grateful if you have any insight on it.

It appears that incoming items bumped to the Spam folder by TT do not get downloaded when MS Outlook connects through my POP3 account nor do they get forwarded to my alternate email address to where I have a standing instruction to forward all incoming mail. Is there anything I can do to get all incoming mail passed through to my desktop even if TT wants to premark it as Spam?