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Draytek Vigor 130 will not connect

First Timer

Hi - I have a Vigor 130 modem which is to be used in conjunction with our Unifi security gateway pro.

I've tried for hours to get the thing to work - it is refusing to connect to talktalk. I have followed the guide on DrayTek's website ( but still refuses to connect.


Any suggestions ? Does talktalk block mac addresses belonging to third party modems still ?

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TalkTalk don't block the use of third-party routers or modems. However, they don't use the same authentication as BT and others who use PPoE authenticiation. TalkTalk use DHCP/IP authentication so requires different settings. I have read various posts about it being able to connect to the TalkTalk network but it being a bit more tricky. I can't access the links you require a login but this link may help: 

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First Timer

Finally figured it out - I'm on a business account which must be different to the standard account.

Everyone has said use dhcp, refused to connect.


Followed the draytek guide, then connected using PPPoE. Needed a username password which talktalk doesn't use on the standard modem/router. You need to call 08700875562 from the fibre landline to find out your login credentials.

Hopefully this helps someone else with a similar issue.

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Hi jetty19


Thanks for keeping us updated.