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Errors on bill

First Timer

Anyone else have an error on their bill?

i have a charge for the talking clock, not only do I not have a phone connected, the day it was charged we were away on holiday (even the cats were at the Cattery).


keep an eye on your bills people, something very underhand is going on.....


It's not underhand, just an engineer incorrectly making a chargeable call to test the line.


No need for a tinfoil hat or any other paranoia.


A staff member will sort it out when they come back tomorrow, but you may have a short wait whilst they catch up with the weekend posts.



First Timer

if we had actually been home when the charge was made, I’d have to go round the family and find out how they made the call, then everyone would have said, I didn’t make it, and this would put stress on the family as it would feel like someone is lying, as the assumption is the bill is right,

 Billing is fundamental to any business. If you went to the supermarket, and after having all your goods scanned there was a loaf of bread on the receipt, that you didn’t purchase and was never scanned by the till, you would have concerns, as you would if you bank put a charge to you bank account. The reason “it was a test” does not seem very good. The engineer should have a way to test the line that does not include a fee to the consumer, and if there really is no other way, then there should be a method to remove it before the bill is sent out.


how many people actually check there bills, how many people end up paying a charge for something that they shouldn’t?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @scoulea


It will indeed be a test call made from the exchange, It used to be a common occurrence a while back but seemd to have been stopped by openreach, but every now and again it happens again. 


It will be cleared off your bill if you update your community profile with your landline number I can add the credit.