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Fibre Speed Boost... Again


Hello there.


It's been a very long time since I posted anything and that's because I've been relatively problem free. And I still am problem free, but...


Fibre speed boost, what am I paying extra for? What exactly does it do for me?


I was considering re-contracting but the above question came to mind before I hit OK. So I had a look in this help section and this seems a fairly common concern recently.

When I first connected to TT Fibre I initially had a 47 - 48 Mbs modem connection. Not super quick compared to some but I was happy since I'd upgraded from a broadband connection. And this seemed be a good connection - stable, not dropping or anything. However this gradually dropped and now for many many months my modem has been locked on 40 Mbs. My upload varies but has dropped to 6.8 Mbs (it was nearer 10)


Your online tester says the estimated speed is between 35 Mb - 54 Mb but the "Speed to your router" has been stuck at 38 Mbs for some length of time. Which is only just above the "Guaranteed speed".


Now looking through some recent posts I've read that the cap for "normal" fibre seems to be 40 Mbs download and 10 Mbs upload.


So my initial question still stands. Basically, is the boost working or has something gone wrong? In effect would I get exactly the same speed without it?

Plus, If it's not doing much for my connection, to save money, can it be removed?

To be fair I don't mind the speed my internet runs at now, a solid 38MBs, but I don't want to be paying for a faster speed that I haven't been receiving!


I'll hold out on the re-contract until I know whether to include the boost.


Thanks in advance for any answers or advice.


Just out of curiosity an extra technical question that you may or may not be able to answer. What is physically done at the exchange that enables fibre boost?

Community Star

Hi @-PjM- ,


Faster Fibre (the 40mbps service) and Super Fast Fibre (which is Faster Fibre with speed boost - the 80mbps service) are exactly the same product, it is just that Faster Fibre has a cap applied to the connection to limit it to a maximum of 40mbps. All adding speed boost to your account does is remove that 40mbps cap from your service.


I don't believe anything physical has to be done at the exchange or street cabinet to enable/disable speed boost, it is just a setting on your account at TalkTalk to apply or remove the 40mbps cap from your connection.


Staff here should be able to respond within a day or two to check your account for you and verify that you do still have speed boost applied.


Have you tried switching the router off for over 30 minutes, then when you switch it back on it will start a new 'session' in the street cabinet, this can sometimes help it reconnect at a better speed.


You could check your address on this site to see what speed BT think your line should be able to support, the VDSL lines at the top will indicate the fastest fibre speeds they think your line could handle.


If your line can't handle well over 40mbps then having the speed boost is pointless as it will do nothing to increase your speed, as the standard Faster Fibre can provide speeds of up to 40mbps.


You can get the boost removed from your account if you want to, the staff here could help with that.


Thanks for your informative reply @Skynet_TX 


And thanks for that link, it was very useful. According to that my line supports a maximum of 47.9/8.5 Mbps and it was very near to that originally. However it's been stuck on 40Mbs for ages now - probably all this year at least, possibly longer. So something doesn't seem right!


But now you've pointed it out, even it was unlocked, paying extra for relatively little gain is a bit pointless. Everything runs fine at 38Mbs and if I want to download a bigger file I can just leave the console/PC on longer. So It might be best to remove Boost, I've done without it for all this time it seems.


It irks me that I've been paying £5 extra for all this time without getting any benefit. I should have checked in here earlier!


And yes I've tried leaving the hub off for extended periods without success.


Thanks again for your input while waiting for a staff member.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi -PjM-,


I'm sorry for the delay. Would you like us to look into the speed or would you prefer for us to remove the speed boost?





Hello Michelle





Community Team - TT Staff



Ok. I've run a test on the line now which is clear. Does your master socket have a test socket? If it does then would it be possible to connect the microfilter and router at the test socket for at least 48hrs so we can see if DLM makes any changes to the sync speed? Could you also power down the router for a full 30 minutes once the router is connected to the test socket please as this will reset the current session.





Hi again Michelle. Thanks for checking. 👍


I do have a master socket however where it's located isn't very convenient to plug the router into for 48 hours. It would involve leaving extension leads for both power and telecom's lying around. But the line the router is connected to is actually hardwired into the master socket, no plugs, so it's the next best thing.
I have tried the master socket previously without any effect. And I know powering down my router for extended periods doesn't change anything, I've done it overnight a few times.


The thing is though I'm happy with my service. The connection is fairly constant with just the occasional drop, the line is clear as you've seen. And at a locked 40Mbs it is fast enough for me. So I'd prefer not to run the risk of disrupting my good line with further tests.


What has recently concerned me is the speed Boost. I have been paying for it but it appears that I've not been getting any benefit for quite some time. And in truth probably shouldn't have been offered it in the first place - when it did work I only got another 7 to 8Mbs - which is my line maximum.


So all I'd really like to know is.
Does my line indicate that boost should be enabled? Because I haven't been getting above the 40Mbs cap for quite some time.

Since my line speed is already locked to the 40Mbs cap would the speed drop below that without Boost? It shouldn't. If that is the case it might as well be removed because I wouldn't miss it.

Then of coarse would come the question of whether I'm entitled to a rebate for not getting the boost for all this time? Those extra £5s for the boost quickly add up and would pay for a few normal monthly payments.


That's all. No testing required. 😉





This is what I've had for months now.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi -PjM-


Would you like me to check the predicted speed range for your line?


If you would prefer to remove the speed boost then if you contact our Loyalty Team then they can arrange this for you.






Hello Debbie.


Thanks to @Skynet_TX who provided a link, I know the range of my line.


The range, depending on conditions, should be between 30 and 47.9 Mbs down. With a range of 6 to 8.5 Mbs for upload. I'm getting a locked 40 down and 6.8 up. This in use runs at 38 Mbs, T.T. guaranty 35.


I think I'd like boost removed. How do I contact the Loyalty Team Debbie? I could discuss re-contracting as well then.


Thanks, Paul.

Community Team - TT Staff


You can call our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours on 03451720046



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