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Fibre speed boost & account issue




I wonder if you can help please.


I ordered the faster fibre broadband package in March along with the fibre speed boost.

I don't know if the fibre speed boost is active on my account.


I tried checking 'My Account' but couldn't find the fibre speed boost showing , this is when 'My Account' actually loads, as i keep getting the "Oops! Lets get you back on course" nearly everytime i try to navigate.


My email order advised the following speeds:


Minimum Guaranteed speed 

29 Mb


Typical download speed
36 Mb to 59 Mb


Typical upload speed
10 Mb to 18 Mb

I am currently getting 34mb download speed, but if my line is not capable of speeds more than 40mb then there would be no need for the fibre speed boost.


Can you check to see if the speed boost is active please ( I can see in my bill, that i am being charged for it...when that did load) and if it is active, what can be done to increase the speed e.g plug router into test socket on master filter to reset DLM..etc


Also if you could help resolve why My Account does not want to load properly please

Community Team

Hi @Steamdog


Thanks for your post.


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at your  account.

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.




Hi @OCE_Arne 


That should be those details updated

Community Team

Hi Steamdog,

I can confirm that the the speed boost is active, You're on an 80Mbps profile and your upstream sync speed is 12.7Mbps, it would be limited to 10Mbps if the the speed boost wasn't active.


How many telephone sockets do you have? Do you have anything connected to your telephone socket(s) in addition to your router?






My download speed for fibre would be 10mbps without the speed boost? 

My speed quote originally without the boost for fibre was still a minimum 29mb download.


I have only one pre filtered master socket which only the router is connected to.

The router setting were showing download speeds of 37mb.




Community Team

Your downstream sync speed should be pretty much the same without the speed boost as the speed boost just removes the 40Mbps cap. So there's not really much point paying for the boost unless you want the additional upstream speed



Is there anything that can be checked/tested why the 80mb profile is not reflective on my router download speed?

Community Team

The 80Mbps profile just means that your sync speed isn't being capped at 40Mbps, as your router is syncing at a lower speed than 40Mbps the speed boost isn't making any difference to your downstream speeds


The speed you actually get depends mainly on the length and quality of the cable from your home to the street cabinet but interference from other devices in your home or local environment can also have some effect.


Is your router situated close to other electrical devices that could be causing interference? Is it connected to a multi-socket electrical extension lead shared with other devices?





The only thing near the router is the master socket (2feet away), the router is connected directly to the wall socket.


I was reading in other posts, that the speed was able to be improved after they were advised to connect to the test port on the master socket for 24hrs.


Is it possible to get the router syncing at a higher speed?

Community Team

You can try connecting your router to the test socket, you'll need to use a micro-filter to do this, you may see a speed improvement but as you don't have any extension sockets I think it's less likely that you'll see any improvement