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Internet and Broadband keep disconnecting

First Timer

Hi, my internet's quality started dropping around 5 days ago when new wires that lead from the outside of my house was changed, the first day the internet was unusable (I wholeheartedly don't know if it's to do with this), the internet kept disconnecting every 30-100 seconds, until the next day when I moved my router about a bit and it worked for 4 days, until 3 hours ago,


My internet drops from 40-61MB to 1-18MB in about the span of 3 seconds however my ping is normal, I've moved my router quite a bit so that it stays connected but it's utterly useless to even use, my master socket is quite loose and I've had some troubles with it in the past but it's all good now, and when I say loose I really mean it, I've told everyone in the house to stay away from it on multiple occasions and it really is sensitive.

Ali Ali
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Hi Ali, welcome to the community your post has been flagged for assistance.

Do you have any phone line noise?

What's the situation with the master socket?

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
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An OCE will pick this up on Monday.  They work Monday to Friday on Support.

In the mean time will you ensure that your user profile contains all required information, such as Your full name,  phone number etc.

Without this information it will delay time giving you support

Will check this is escalated on Monday morning


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi amasmarfar


I'm sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your TalkTalk telephone number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.