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New contract, what do I do?

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Probably a very daft question but I've not been able to find the answer anywhere.


Due to my standard talktalk broadband contract coming to an end (within the next few days) I have recently signed up for a new contract, this time for faster fibre broadband.


I had an email a couple of days ago stating my faster fibre service was live and that I was a few minutes away from a faster connection. It advised me to click on a link to a guide on how to connect to it.


This link just talked me through the process of connecting my router to the phone line etc. I already have a router, it's already connected.


So either, this was a generic link for new customers and my broadband has automatically switched to faster fibre OR I was meant to be sent a new router.


Can anyone advise please? If I'm not connected, and I have no idea how I'd know, I don't want to get cut off shortly when my old contract ends.

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So it sounds like the link was just a generic "here's how to connect" thing for new customers.


If you are upgrading from ADSL to VDSL and your existing modem/ router can handle VDSL then you may or may not get a new modem/ router. You don't actually need it as long as the old unit can connect to VDSL.


If your old unit is ADSL only then you most definitely need a new unit.


If you log into the user interface what sync speed does it say you have...Or just run a speed test to see what throughput speed you have and please also post what modem/ router you have.


It may be that you need a power down for 30 mins to reset the session but if you can answer the above first it will narrow down the options.





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Hi @rsh_rsh_1256,


In addition to the excellent advice from @FritzCT, if you do log into your router to check your speeds, then in that same area of the router settings it may well show you your 'line standard', this will either be ADSL (if you are on your old connection) or VDSL (if you are on fibre).


Details on how to log into the most common TalkTalk routers to check the speeds can be found here.

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Thanks for your reply and guidance
Upstream 9995
Downstream 39998
It's a Huawei HG635 Super Router
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Thank you for your reply. I think I'm on the fibre connection as it says VDSL as the line standard, thanks for explaining as that wouldn't have meant anything to me otherwise 🙂
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Yep, you are definitely on 'Faster Fibre', that service provides speeds of up to 40mbps download and 10mbps upload, which are pretty much exactly the speeds you are synced at.


There is no need for a new router, that router fully supports fibre.

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Assuming you don't have a boost then you're max'ing out the 40/10 connection. I think the quoted figures from TT are 35-38 so you have a very good sync speed... I'm quite jealous.


The HG635 is a great router! In my opinion far better than the Sagem but I've not tried the new Huawei they have now.