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Remaining a customer after cancelling contract?

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So I have cancelled my TalkTalk contract yesterday as there was some issues with having it as a 2nd broadband provider in the same house. When TalkTalk got installed the already existing connection, so Vodafone, went down. It was my landlady's connection. 

She contacted Vodafone today, they reconnected her services and guess what? Both broadband are working at the same time without any issues!


My question is: my services are supposed to be cancelled on the 2nd of October. Will I be able to keep my contract if I call TalkTalk and explain the whole situation as well as tell them that the issue got resolved?


I really do not want to be forced to use my landlady's Vodafone again as she has the router on the ground floor and it is barely reaching my 1st floor flat to the point when even using YouTube is impossible.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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It really will help staff help you if you could complete your community forum profile details,  @bakubaku, as asked in an earlier thread. 


Staff cannot look into your particular case without you doing this. 


Then it is best to wait for a response before posting further. 

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Hi @bakubaku


We can stop the cancellation , just need to you to complete security checks, you can call our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00pm and Saturday 10:00-18:00) on 03451720046 they can help.