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Router is dead - Customer service not helpful?

First Timer

Hi there,


Yesterday my new router (Sagemcom Fast 5364) died after only 34 days of service, it wouldn't turn on anymore. I tried it on a different socket and tried other appliances in the same socket to check it was not the socket's fault.

I called customer service and they put me on hold to perform some checks, asked me what router model I have and finally said "you are offline, we need to send an engineer from OpenReach to check".

The advisor said the appointment would be today from 1pm to 6pm to which I replied both me and my wife work and we would not be at home before 17:30. I stressed this point several times as he mentioned there would be a fee of £65 if there was no one at home when the engineer arrives. The advisor said he added a message for the engineer to come only after 5:30pm.

Guess what? Today at 12:30 I receive an SMS saying "an engineer will be on site at 1pm". They completely ignored what I repeated several times.

My wife called to complain about this and she was told we would have to wait until the fee is charged and then "dispute it". Surely there should another way to solve this, given the fact it's not our fault at all?


Moreover why they need to involve an engineer from and external company for a dead router which belongs to Talk talk? When my wife called today she was offered a replacement router straight away. 


Thanks in advance for your help

Rubo Saint Laurent forever
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Rubostars,


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience. Could you add your TalkTalk landline telephone number to your community profile so that we can look into this further