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This is the highest so far,any thoughts thank you i started on fibre on Thursday!....25.6 Mbps

Your average download speed

9.3 Mbps

Your average upload speedIf you’re not happy with these speeds, or you’d like more detailed information, please take a Service Status Check. It’s a more advanced tool that will give you a clear idea of how well everything’s working and where problems might be occurring.

Welcome to TalkTalk. We’re currently optimising your new connection.

When you join us, we have our systems monitor your line for the first 14 days. We do this to optimise your connection and ensure it’s working as it should be. During this time though, you might notice that your connection’s a bit up and down. But it will stabilise once we’ve finished.

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The speed you get will depend on several factors. First, are you logging onto the router and measuring the speeds there. If you are, the speed you get will depend on how far you live from your fibre cabinet (not the exchange) and the quality of these cables from there to your property. You should also connect your router to the master socket for the fastest speed. A lot of this can be determined by the minimum download speed quoted by TalkTalk when you went live with fibre.


If these are speed tests, then that is a whole different ball game, especially over Wi-Fi.

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  Hi jace777,


Can you run a couple of speed tests on the My Account speed checker on a device connected by Ethernet cable to your router (can you try to make sure that no other devices/applications accessing the internet at the time)