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Angry no transfer of account!

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This website is a disgrace if you need to actually talk to one of your agents! It’s a maze and provides no contact email, link to web chat OR number!


I cannot remember how I found it last time but I’m so ANGRY that my account home move doesn’t appear to have been completed even though I gave notice at the start of august for a live date of the 6th September. Yet here I am and it doesn’t work!


I no longer live where you think I do so contact me URGENTLY!!


absolute shambles of a website. 


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HI @klm1702


Im sorry that you are unhappy. 


I have checked your order and the go live date is showing as the 17th September. 


Sorry for the delay. 




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Hi I’ve amended the landline as you mentioned. I’m fed up, someone was supposed to contact me with a date my service would go live. It can’t be the landline or I would know the account transfer is complete. 
this wasn’t even my fault! I booked this on august 16th so it should have been live on September 6th as advised. 
That’s been a week now since contacting you and still no WiFi. Not only that but I can’t even check the progress because your website constantly gives an error message each time you try an get an update.

this is ridiculous, it’s impossible to find out progress online and impossible to actually speak to someone. I’m appalled by the service or lack of! Not good enough. Oh and I’m also out of pocket because of your company not processing my move order in the first place! You couldn’t actually have poorer service if you tried! 

Support Team
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Hi @klm1702


Really sorry that you are having problems.  


Can you check the number in your profile is correct, its not bringing up any accounts, once I can access it I can give you an update on what is going on. 


Thank you. 


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Sorry to hear this, @klm1702.


Staff can't look into this without you completing your community forum profile details.


Please add your Talktalk landline number associated with your old address by going via your avatar/name; settings; Launch profile wizard. This is for them to identify your Talktalk account. 


Your thread is in a queue for attention and staff respond during the day Monday to Friday. Please look out for their reply on here.


You can find the link to Chat by plugging it into the forum search engine. The page also shows details of opening hours:


Open from 9am:


03451 720046 or 03451 720088




Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.