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Connection dropping out

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I've been having this issue since Friday.


My router drops out and can take 10 mins to re-connect.


I ran a TT fault check this morning and got an email to book an engineer.


When I click on the link and view the fault, the fault tracker is just a blank page with no options.


Fault ref: REP-12625183


Can someone help please? It's been dropping a few times every hour today with no way to get an update or progress this fault.


I've plugged my laptop into the router and logged in but there's no info on the router's dashboard. Just connected/disconnected status icons.


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Hi nwilson992


Do you still need help with this?


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I had this problem quite a while back. After a lot of backwards and forwards the solution for me was found in these very forums. My router required a firmware update. Once I had got that, I had no dropouts at all afterwards. It maybe worth you contacting Tech Support and asking for the update. See if that helps. Good luck.

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Hi nwilson992


I'm really sorry to hear this.


The line test is detecting a potential fault towards the property.


Can I just check, is the router currently connected at the test socket?


Have we recently sent you a router for testing?


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Hi @nwilson992,


So just to clarify, when you log into the router, is it not displaying the normal info you would expect to see on its home dashboard, even when it is successfully connected to the internet ?


The support team here will be back tomorrow and will be able to help further.