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D-Link 3782 Firmware Update

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Hi OCE's it seems sometime ago that awareness was raised of firmware quirks along with the VPN issue when using the D-Link 3782 router.


Then a few months ago a revised test firmware was released for a day or two to fix the VPN issue, this firmware was then withdrawn awaiting an official release.


The current firmware on this device was built in December 2016, so well over 12 months old.


The HG633 device has regular updates to improve its performance, around three or four incremental releases within the past twelve months.


Has the 3782 router been abandoned by TalkTalk, or do D-Link not work as closely with TalkTalk for firmware updates?


Any ideas when / if the 3782 will have an update to enable reliable VPN working and to also address the issues you are aware of via forum feedback?


Many thanks in advance.


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No news on this firmware release yet?



Start with the obvious, easy fixes. Save yourself embarrassment when you find out it's the microfilter that's knackered!

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Hi AldridgeAndy


New firmware for the DSL3782 has been tested and should be available soon.


As soon as we receive a date for when this firmware is ready then we will post on the Community to let you know.





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We have not been advised of any official release of new firmware for the DSL-3782 as yet.

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