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Hi - I have signed up for FTTP 500gb Data Only package very recently, and currently I am on NOW Broadband FTTC. So.

1. when I signed up this (FTTP with TT) - sales said I don't need to cancel my current service separately and they will take care of it on takeover date.

2. but I didn't get any order confirmation from TT so called their order status support (that's FTTP support 0345 172 0074) and asked about my current broadband changeover, agent (checked with his manager) said I need to cancel my Now Broadband by myself since its FTTC and they will be installing FTTP so its all separate and means I need to request cancellation myself. OK so I did that y'day.

3. then after a day (today) I called TT about my order progress again and tried to double check above - agent on phone checked with manager and this time they said - no I don't put a request on my current/NOW broadband provider as putting a cease by myself on line will delay things and they will notify Openreach/BT/Now (whoever running my line) that they are taking over. so asked me to cancel my cancellation! - so I did that now. I asked him to check 2/3 times but seems he was confident.


So my question is;

1. can anyone confirm what's right? as I am totally confused and don't want to delay things! - note that existing connection is FTTC via Now with active phone line and am moving to FTTP data only (no phone line).

2. It seems strange it taking a week to progress the FTTP order - as seems no communication from TT. Is this normal? I only have order number (which is in my private note in my profile if any OCE needs that) and do not have customer number yet.


so can @Michelle-TalkTalk @Karl-TalkTalk @Debbie-TalkTalk or any other OCE please help? or anyone out there been through this and shade some light?


thanks in advance



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Hi Michelle - many thanks and keep you posted here about how I get on.


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Ok, I've asked if someone from the Future Fibre Team can you contact you as soon as possible.




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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk - sure if you can please request for a call back, my mobile no is there in the community profile, so as the order no.
Do you know, is there any we you guys can influence Openreach or chase them to get answer out on status? - instead of waiting mode?

Many thanks.


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Thanks for the update. I can request a callback for you from the Future Fibre Team?





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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk
many thanks for getting back and the link - since this post I have managed to get hold of FTTP dedicated support or order status - and now they have confirmed that I don't need to cancel my existing FTTC/ADSL (from other provide) - as this will delay if Openreach see an cease request on line. So over the weekend I have cancel my cancellation with existing provider - so looks order is progressed from TT and they have submitted to Openreach to action on! - so looks I am on waiting mode.

Its shame there is no way to know how far its progressed - until/when Openreach come back - so for now planning to call FTTP support daily and ask for update. - as seems no or min. communication back to say what's happening.

Is there any way you can escalate this to FTTP team from your end? and not sure if you/FTTP team have any influence with Openreach to do their bit too?



Support Team
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Hi playpad,


I'm sorry for the delay. Unfortunately we can't provide specific support for Future Fibre via the Community. Have you been able to get through to our Future Fibre Team?


Your Future Fibre Support Hub





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@ferguson - many thanks and sure agree best to wait till one of the OCE or support staff confirms and let existing service run till this one is hooked up.

and I would think my current service is FTTC/ADSL (Now broadband - would be via Sky LLU in BT exchange) and this one going to be FTTP data only - so in theory both are different or completely different circuit and different routing - but not sure how ports/routing is set at the exchange as sure full fibre will be via the same exchange - to fibre node - to my home. But not sure how Openreach treat these order - as one of the agent said, if Openreach see on open order (i.e. cease of current line) they won't accept new order until that is done.. .so he said better cancellation is done by TT.

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FTTP is a brand new and separate installation and if you already have an Openreach based service through your phoneline with another provider then that will be unaffected. So as I understand it you will need to cancel with that provider. But for the sake of continuity of service you would be best to wait until your new service has gone live. 


It is fair to say that the switching procedures have not yet been clarified fully. Hopefully the support team can do so when they respond. 

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It’s not that, I`ve read too many people having the same problem as your seeing. it’s not just bad luck it’s just bad management from all concerned higher up the feeding chain us mere mortals can do nothing about it, more's the pity.

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@bigkenny - yeah that's seems really odd - guys in support says that's fairly new service and we are getting trained, which is fine...but in both case they spoke with manager and got different answer! and sure comms could be better rather than I end up chasing daily.

These are basic things for any one moving from one network to other network and from FTTC/ADSL to FTTP etc... and to me this should be absolutely black and white / flow chart / procedure exercise where support agent should know what's their own procedure is and what/when Openreach do their things! - as if we approach Openreach, they are not going to entertain end customer and will simply say speak with your ISP! - what as shame.

Looks you have been through this/similar situation too.

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thanks yeah sure will give it a go on chat today as think support usually shut on Sunday - thanks for the link.
I think staff on the chat probably not much trained on FTTP - while ordering and upon asking some info on FTTP they simply gave me their FTTP sales and support phone!

Well no harm in try. Thanks.

Problem Solver
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Well as just a normal on-looker and normal FTTC customer switching over to FTTP seems to be a total nightmare, with TT and Openreach at odds with each other on who does what. What I see is a company with staff totally confused who then confuse us the customer. It just a seems a right mess. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Staff don’t seem to be trained properly on what the correct procedure is it’s the luck of the draw who you speak to who knows this procedure. It just seems to be TT policy with most things leave the customer confused and guessing

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Staff reply Monday to Friday on here, @playpad, so your post is in the queue for attention but it might be quicker to use Chat today. 


Keep your copy of the transcript/take screenshots as you go.


Chat shows with a blue background banner when available on this page:


Full details of opening hours are also listed there. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.