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We now have FTTP infrastructure installed to the pole supplying my house.

I have very poor broadband speeds and wish to avail myself of the future fibre offering.

TalkTalk have been unable to provide me with any information (or even reply to my questions) concerning availability of an FTTP service.

I have read many of the threads about this subject and it appears that in 2019 promises were being made about availability of a service being announced by TalkTalk. But I can still find no information or commitment about availability of an FTTP service.

I did spot something about a legal commitment to a minimum service or they have to agree to a contract termination with no penalties (I have 12 months to run on my contract). Now I can't find that post!

My frustration levels are getting very high. Can anyone throw any light or hope on my predicament.



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TT are not selling FTTP to existing customers at the current time.


New customers are able to get the service in certain areas, but as a broadband only product, there is no phone service offered at all, unlike other ISPs.


The rumour is that FTTP with a VOIP offering will be available in early 2021 to existing customers which means they can migrate their phone number onto the new service.


Nothing is confirmed as yet.