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Faster Fibre Speed Boost activation

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I spoke to customer service yesterday so I could get the speed boost for average 67mbps speeds and it all went smoothly. I was told it would activate within 24 hrs so I waited and even switched off the router for 30 mins twice to see if it would pull through.


I've done the talktalk speed check multiple times but it never goes above 37.3mbps. I know we're definitely eligible for faster speeds as I've done broadband checks with bt/talktalk/virgin and the faster services i.e. hundreds of mbps, are available.


Anyone got an idea of how to get this speed boost activated please?




BT and Virgin will be quoting for full fibre services if in the 100's.


TT may be suggesting Faster 150 Fibre speeds, which is a different service to what you have.


What are the Downstream and Upstream Line Rates as reported by the router when you log at


The "average 67" is just a marketing number, you should have been given an estimated speed range and minimum guaranteed speed specific to your line.


What was that ?

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Hi @emanuel_ds ,


If you log into 'My Account 'does it show that you have the speed boost active on your account.


Any details you have checked with other ISP's showing speeds in the hundreds will not be relevant, as they will be using a different technology, the FTTC service that your fibre is coming down is only capable of 80mpbs maximum.


If you check your address here it will show you the maximum VDSL speed that your line can achieve, if you have speed boost active then you should expect to receive speeds somewhere near the ones quoted on that website.


EDIT : Sorry @martswain , we were both replying at the same time !

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Thanks for the responses guys.

Just done another check now and it looks the speeds have been updated so its now at a steady 67mbps
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi emanuel,


Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that the speed has increased 🙂 Please let us know if you need any assistance.