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Fibre 65 is not up to speed

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Like others I 'upgraded' from faster fibre to Fibre 65 four days ago but have seen no improvement in WiFi speed. It was 22 Mbps before and it is 24 Mbps now, nothing like the expected 45 Mbps + expected. I have done all the recommended things - switch off for 30 mins but no improvement.

The TT graph shows that the speed to router has increased to 59 Mpbs yesterday but, if so, it has made no difference to the download speed yet. 

Is there normally a delay while TT engineers change things and change profile etc?  How long should I wait before seeing the download speed increase?  or should I cancel within the time allowed in the contract?  


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Hi Ian,


Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that the speed has improved 🙂





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Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your reply. I have done the router power down but it made no difference.

However, I have now reset the range extender that I use and bingo I am up to 57 Mbps. 

Its useful to know that range extenders have to be powered down as well as routers.




Support Team
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Hi Longgable,


I'm sorry for the delay. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault and I can see that the sync speed has increased. Would you mind trying one more 30 minute router power down please. Are you also running the speed tests wired or wireless?




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Thank you for your suggestion. I have just tried the hard reset but it has made no difference. TT shows it is 61.8 Mbps down to my router but I am getting 24.6 Mbps from router. I will try contacting TT.


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Log on to your router and save your config. Then do a hard reset.
Restore your router to factory settings - TalkTalk Help & Support