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Fibre broadband disconnected from 1am to 2:30pm

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Yesterday our internet was off in the morning and the router log showed it had been off from 3 am. I spent a few hours on the phone with customer support trying to fix it but nothing worked and then it just came back on at 10am and worked for the day but was slow and had short dropouts.


Today the internet went off at 1:00am and didn't reconnect until 2:30pm


This morning I tried restarting the router which didn't help, then i tried plugging a micro-filter into the test socket instead of sockets built in filter, this didn't help either.


Due to a previous problem in 2017 we have 2 of the hg633 routers so I tried the other router and that couldn't connect either.


I put the normal router back on the filtered master socket and gave up, the router just connected on it's own around 2:30pm and is still connected now.


This isn't a wifi problem as I could still log into the router control panel, I use ethernet on my main pc anyway.


Thanks for any help










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That's great news Oliver, thanks for letting us know 


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After the engineer left on Wednesday the hg633 router connected and stayed connected until today with no problems. I plugged in the replacement router which connected fine so we will see how it goes over the next week. Download speed is back to 14mb/s as well.





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Hi Oliver,


Thanks for the update and please let us know how the connection compares with the replacement router.




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The internet was off all day Monday so we called support and today and engineer came from open reach.


The line is fine but both routers don't hold a connection for very long so the engineer has had talk talk ship a replacement router out.


I'll update you when the new router arrives, hopefully Friday.





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Hi omjones,


Do any of the lights change on the router when this happens? Are you using HomeSafe? If you are then could you try removing this in your My Account and then re-add this again. If you're not using HomeSafe then could you add this in My Account and then once active then remove this again.


Could you then retest and let us know if this is still happening please?




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No better


It goes off between 1 am and 2am every morning and comes back on between 9am and 2pm.


Seems too regular to be a line problem plus the landline phone still works perfectly I think it could it be the street cabinet.


The other morning it was off and I tried a different router which couldn't connect, I tried using a microfilter plugged into the test socket and that didn't work either so i turned the router off for 40 minutes to reset the session but it didn't reconnect for hours after that.


You should know that this all started after a power cut last week, until then the connection had been stable with download speeds of 8 to 16mb






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Hi omjones


I'm sorry for the delay.


How has the connection been since your last post?





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Internet is working now but according to the router logs it rebooted after a remote firmware update at 1:30am and didn't reconnect until 6:00am.