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Fibre speed has now dropped to 11 Mb/sec

Whizz Kid
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The service to my home is via an overhead cable.  The service fails every couple of years and OpenReach visit to perform a poor quality fix.  My recollection is that OpenReach last visited about two years ago and applied a fix that they described as "temporary".  The fix involved clipping a cable to the fence that runs beside the footpath to my home.


This "temporary" fix caused my speed to drop from about 25 Mbps to 15 Mbps.  My speed has been 15 Mbps for about two years.


I waited patiently for TalkTalk or OpenReach to tell me when the "temporary" fix would be replaced by a permanent fix.  Sadly, my patience was not rewarded and I never got a permanent fix.


In recent days, my service has been disconnecting two or three times per hour and achieves a speed of 11 Mbps when connected. 


I used the TalkTalk website to perform a connection test on 25 December and the test reported a fault and then reported that the fault had been closed after a restart of my router.  My attempts to perform another connection test or raise a support ticket have been thwarted by the website telling me that my fault has been closed.


My attempts to use online chat to report a fault have resulted in the display of a constantly spinning circle and nothing that resembles online chat.


What can be done to persuade Openreach to replace their "temporary" fix with something that works and brings my speed back up to at least 25 Mbps?


Thank you for you help.


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Thanks for the update, just let us know if you experience any further problems



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Openreach have visited and have replaced the master socket.


Speed is now at 20 Mbps ... not the best but I will have to put up with it.


Thank you to all.


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Hi GoodTimes,

i've booked the engineer for tomorrow morning - January 03 2024, AM - please let us know how you get on



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I confirm that I accept the possible engineer charges.


I am available AM and PM on any day.


Thank you again for your help.




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Hi GoodTimes


Thanks for your reply.


Yes I can add to the fault ticket about the last fix applied being a temporary fix.


Please can you confirm potential engineer charges and provide your availability AM and PM?


Engineer charges


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Thank you.  Openreach are welcome to visit at any time.


Are you permitted to request that Openreach replace the existing "temporary" fix from the last visit with a permananet fix?


Are you permitted to request that Openreach provide a fix that restores the speed of 25 Mbps that I had when I first switched to Fibre?


Thank you for your help.


Support Team
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Hi GoodTimes


I'm really sorry to hear this.


The line test is detecting a potential fault towards the property and Openreach are requesting that we arrange an engineer visit.


Would you like me to arrange this visit? I will need to send you a Private Message to confirm some details.