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Loss of Internet Access

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In last month our fibre broadband has lost access to the Internet on both wifi or wired connection via our Sagemcom wifi hub.  This results in browser and email services all failing. 


Both Windows Troubleshooter and the Hub's Error Log  identifies the problem as being a DNS failure.


On all occasions:

1.  I have been able to ping TalkTalk's DNS server at with reasonable response times and no packet loss.

2.  Pinging either or results in failure.

3.  Logging into the router and changing the DNS to manual and using alternative Google DNS fixes the problem and Internet access is immediately restored.


There are two things I am not sure about:

1.  Has TalkTalk's DNS server services suffered an outage other than being able to ping the IP address which proves very little, or is the problem actually with the wifi hub and simply changing the DNS IP address to manual clears the problem.

2.  Why does TalkTalk's router and "Service" checker both show that the Internet is available when this problem occurs even though Internet access is most definitely not available.


Anybody got any comments on the above or experiencing similar difficulties and found a solution?