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Lost service for a week

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Dear All,

             On 30-3-2022 @ 11pm TalkTalk had an outage. 

From that time we could receive and make land line phone calls, but our router ceased to function.

As pensioners ,we are not the most up to date people with techno stuff and so it took many hours for us to get back up on the Internet, by using my wife's brand new Apple i-phone as a "hot spot".

Within two days our friendly and helpful  Forum Monitors had replaced our faulty router and we were back to normal. It took a week to regain full service from TalkTalk and it set me wondering about the compensation we used to receive, when a phone service went down. Does this compensation still exist? 

Secondly I wondered how a person who is totally illiterate, when it comes to computers, would get by, if their phone/ broadband dropped out?

My last question concerns my broadband usage, in GB's, per month, which I used to access easily from MY ACCOUNT, in the good old days. However, even after "chatting" with BOT and an operator today, I'm no nearer to finding my broadband usage.

Unlike TalkTalk, mobile phone providers limit data usage on a smart phones and I'm interested in how much we consume at present.

Any help on these points would be appreciated.



John Calton

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Many thanks Michelle. As usual, superbe service from Community Support Team!

Best wishes,


John Calton

Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this and I'm glad to hear that everything is back up and running now. I've included a Help Guide below which contains more information on this. In regards to the usage, can you not see this at all in Service Centre?


About your auto compensation credit - TalkTalk Help & Support