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Moving From "Faster Fibre" to the new "Fibre 65"

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Given my bill has jumped up it's time to move to the newer plans. A few questions on this;


1, My current connection speed is a very stable 80 down with the "speed boost" whilst the Fibre 65 advertises 67 down (approx) with no mention of being able to add a speed boost. Is there a reason why my connection won't just persist at 80 down?


2, I've been on the same model router for years now (HG633) Will this automatically include a router upgrade, and if not, why not?


3, When is the best time to commit to the upgrade with regards to the billing cycle?


Nice and simple (hopefully)


Thanks in advance


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1. Nothing will change. Fibre 65 is the new name for Faster Fibre with the speed boost.


2. You are not actually upgrading, you will be recontracting to the same product with a new name and do not automatically get a new router as the HG633 is compatible. You could ask if one could be included.


3. If you are already on a month to month contract, then moving to a cheaper plan becomes effective immediately, so do it as soon as possible.