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My internet keeps dropping out randomly for the past 2 years

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We have had issues with our fibre broadband for a long time now we've tried everything even plugging the router into the master socket, changed the filter several times, changed the server, reset the router I've tried everything I can when I ring up my internet isn't working so I got an engineer out but by the time he comes it's working and he says there is nothing wrong when he goes it does the same exact thing. Even our devices are getting error messages because the connection is not consistent it drops repeatedly through the day. My son's are big on gaming so you can imagine the issues they are having it's been so frustrating but the person I spoke to last said he believes I needed a new router but needed an engineer to confirm but as I explained it works when someone comes 🤦 please can I have a new router pleaaaaaseee! 🙏 I'm litterally at my Witt's end I've been trying to live with it but it's becoming frustrating I'm paying full price for a service I'm not receiving the connection I'm getting is not ft for purpose for a long time.


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Closing as duplicate thread, I will post on your other topic on the Community.






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I have responded to your other thread. Please try to keep to the 1 thread for the same issue as this will help get the Support you need quicker and stop duplicating responses.


Thanks 😊

Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!