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New customer, no Internet or TV

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Our activation date was the 31/03/2020. I received notification on the day my package was active. I plugged in the router. Since that point the router has only flashed orange, presumably trying to get a connection. We have a landline phone in as well, no dial tone. We can’t do anything, there’s no phone lines open. I would like this sorting as soon as possible, I will leave talk talk if a resolution. Is not found within a reasonable time. 
thank you.


Support Team
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Hi JN1447


I'm really sorry for the delay.


I have posted on your other thread.




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FAO OCE: Customer now cancelling due to lack of response, sadly.  😟


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Duplicate thread 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I’m not sure if we have fibre internet or not. I put a post on the other chat and feel like I have been ignored. Our activation date was the 31/03/2020. We have done our own line checks on the app, it says there’s a problem at our end. It then refers me to a video on set up. I know how to set up a router. We have no dial tone, and the router has been searching for a connection for around 9 days now. Please arrange for a BT engineer to come out and resolve problem as that seems to be what we need. My partner and I are key workers working for a water company. We will be required to work from home next week and desperately need to be able to do that. 
Please respond ASAP.


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I am upset to see that no one has gotten back to me after 9 days of my service going live. We have no dial tone, no internet and no tv. I could care less about the tv, but myself and my partner are key workers (with a water company) who will very soon be required to work from home. from advice on Openreaches video explaining how to connect routers, which your service keeps sending me to, they state contact the provider (YOU). I believe we need a visit from an open reach engineer. Please sort this out in the next few days or we will switch providers. 


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@Taylerw, I can appreciate you’re busy. But as you guys can understand too, in this difficult time, access to an essential tool for home working (as key workers) and home study, social connectivity, and entertainment is more relevant than ever. It is affecting our daily lives directly and we would appreciate some help as soon as possible. Thank You for passing it on. 


Enlightened One
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Hi @JN1447 I have passed this onto the team to take a look for you. Someone will be in touch to help ASAP. We’re working through a very large queue with a reduced support team at the moment, so we really appreciate your patience 😊