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Options at End of Contract

Whizz Kid
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TakTalk have emailed to remind me that my Fibre 65 Fixed Price Plus contract at £20 per month ends shortly. I have two options.


Option 1 is to do nothing and continue to pay £20 pm on an out of contract basis and I can upgrade whenever I want.


Option 2 is to take out a new contract at £26 per month for 24 months, receiving the same service as now. The ancient telephony around here means that my maximum download speed is a little over 40 Mbps. 


Option 1 seems to be the best choice but how long could I continue to pay £20pm for and what would  being out of contract have? Any advice would be appreciated





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I had a fight to get my £20 +CPI contract renewed as I didn’t receive the end of contract notification. I ended up talking to Luke in the customer loyalty complaints department. It was only this morning 6 days before the contract ended that I got my ECN.  I’ve opted to go out of contract. I think when they issued these contracts they missed of the £9.95 discount on the contract.


I’ve seen the new ones and it clearly states which discount you have been given on the £26 option and how this will be taken into account when determining your contract offer.


Support Team
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Hi Lambert


you will continue to pay £20, out of contract until the next price rise, which will be a rise of CPI only as you are on fixed price plus plan at the moment. 


Hope that helps


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Hi @Lambert I'm in the same boat and opted for no contract with the April rpi+‰ should add £1.6 max a month this year and slightly less next year.

No brainier for me and service is just as good through the community. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.