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Poor speeds and connection drops since new contract

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Looking for some help and advice from TalkTalk or the community 

Since renewing and changing our package to Fibre 65 we have been plagued with nothing but slow speeds (less than 1Mbps) and a regular drop outs. The speeds will gradually drop and drop, or sometimes the connect just drops completely, resetting the router seems to restore speeds temporarily for a day or so but then the problem starts again.


Multiple issues logged, and and an OpenReach engineer came out, said he couldn’t find a problem with the line but said it could be the hub is knackered (TalkTalk Fast 5364-3) he also replaced our master socket with one that has dedicated broadband and phone ports, now when the internet cut out again today support have blamed it on a lack of micro filter (which the engineer took away) and said they can’t test the line. I was under the impression that master sockets with dedicated ports don’t need a micro filter…?


Please can I be sent a new hub, to try (which was what the OpenReach engineer said was likely the problem). We work from home and it means we can’t work properly, and it’s getting more than a little tiring with the ‘support’ bot.


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Hi Hobber2101,


Your sync speed is low so I've ordered a replacement router, it should be with you within a couple of working days



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What speeds do you get when you log into the router & look at the initial dashboard area?

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