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Price increase

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I see from the email sent on 25 March, that the cpi will increase my bill by £2.00 a month, from the 25th April,


As I'm a long existing customer with a FIXED PRICE CONTRACT for 18months, I had no worries, especially as in the link they send it clearly states that "any existing customers who joined before March 2021 on either a fast or faster plan including fast broadband extra and faster with speed boost, with fixed price plus plans will not receive a price rise for the entirety of their contract and we guarantee no above inflation price rises when out of contract"


I have a faster fibre fixed price plan taken out in August 2020 and yet its still gone up.


Check your bills and get on the phone, the only reason I joined talk talk, was because they was the only company which did not increase prices mid contract 


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Managed to get threw on Monday, got refund and new contract at lower price with faster speed, however after a few days nothing happened, several phone calls and hours later, was told the new contract had a stop on, transferred 3 more times and 50 mins later, to be told they have to cancel and leave for 24hrs before trying a new contract again, it's now a week later and if you see my other posts, still not sorted. It would have been cheaper to leave everyone on their old fixed price contracts and then apply the new prices and increase at time of each person renewal.
Thank you for your help and your information, you should work for talk talk, at least you know what your talking about

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A few customers had the Fixed Price Plus package before March, @Diynorm , which is actually already more expensive, and that was exempt. 


The wording was very poor in your email. 


However, this change to the Ts&Cs has been applied to our previously fixed price Fast Broadband and Faster Fibre deals.


If you are very quick, you might have a chance of getting the £2.00 credited back as one lump sum, covering the remaining number of months of your contract. 


If they have already made up the bill, this one can't be altered. 


My lump sum was applied well before the price rise applied. It means I am in credit for a little while, but having had it applied, the maths means that of course the next bills will come in showing the higher price, and that will then be the starting point for the CPI plus 3.7% that kicks in next year.


This year's price rise was effectively c 10%......depending on what your discounted price was in the first place.


Your bill is always visible in your account a day or two before you get the notification email and can't be altered at this stage. 


The phone numbers only work on Sundays if you have accessibility needs (registered with Talktalk) or for sales.


A full list of times for phoning and for Chat are on this page:


If you have completely missed the 30 days notice period, any credit will be entirely a goodwill gesture. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thanks for the reply, I see that you say the "plus" part is a separate deal

I read the email and as I was in a fixed contracted price I followed the link and was aware that from 2022 everyone would be increased, but I genuinely thought that as I was joined before March 2021, the first increase in April 21 would not apply.

Hence the reason for checking my account to make sure, yesterday the 25th was the first time my account was updated with the new price, I have NOT received my monthly email stating my end of month bill yet, so must have logged in before being sent, the money is not taken until early May.

I spent yesterday morning trying to phone different numbers and using online chat, all of which for some reason were shut, even though they state 24hr 365 days opening.

I will be trying to contact again today, not alot of point taking new contract as it states you will be subject to any new increases at any time, obviously with notice, but I believe the 30 day end contract will be exempt as with new deals it states increases are allowed

Hopefully they will honour my existing price for the remaining months of my contract

Thank you 


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TalkTalk made the decision to invoke Clause 16 of their contact some time ago and increase the cost of broadband by  £2 a month this April and by cpi plus a percentage in subsequent years.   This has understandably upset a lot of customers and has already been a great deal of discussion regarding this on the forum.  As required they are giving customers 30 days notice of the increase and if you give notice, via phone, during this period you can exit the contact without penalty, or as a number of customers have done use the time to negotiate a new, possibly better, deal.  Unfortunately, given the dates you have posted it would appear you are now outside the 30 day window so you will have been deemed to have accepted the contract change and will now have to pay an exit penalty if you leave before the end of your contract.


For reference a number of other ISPs used to offer the same price promise, with the same get out clause.  Most have now, like TalkTalk, dropped that promise.  Although one ISP still promises a fixed price for as long as you stay with them and TalkTalk has a new fixed price contract option.


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@Diynorm , the April 2021 £2.00 increase for Fast Broadband and Faster Fibre is not related to the CPI increase. The latter kicks in in April 2022.


Talktalk applied the £2.00 to pre-existing "fixed price" Fast Broadband and Faster Fibre, citing clause 16.2 of the Ts&Cs. 


Fixed Price Plus and Fibre35 and Fibre65 are exempt. 


Because this was a change which could be detrimental and was certainly unexpected for those of us with a more fixed concept of the meaning of the word "fixed", we were given 30 days' notice to leave without penalty (letting Talktalk know by phoning up).


Fixed Price Plus was a separate deal from our ordinary fixed price promise deals. That's the crucial difference. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.