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Questions about FTTC before upgrading from ADSL on TalkTalk

Whizz Kid
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Hi I saw the offer for FTTC internet for under £22 for 24 months. The account holder is quite interested in upgrading.


I had some questions to ask on it on TalkTalk Live chat , but I didn't seem to get any new information that I didn't already know. I also got some conflicting information that slightly confused me too.


I thought I'd ask the forum here , as I used to post here many years ago , about a problem (Which still sort of hasn't been resolved . But might go away if I switch to FTTC) I had , and found the community forum OCEs more knowledgeble than the call centre.


These are the questions I asked on Live Chat. I didn't get any new information or straight answers I didn't know there , I'd appreciate it if you could give me more info if you can.


1. When does the offer for Faster Fibre / Super Fast Fibre (For under £22 for 24 months) end ? Does it end soon ? We are thinking of upgrading soon .


2. Is my phoneline/ Area capable of getting FTTC  ?

The person on live chat gave me the impression (well rather told me straight after checking my address/post code ) that FTTC is not available in my area/phoneline . (I would have thought most areas of London would be capable of receiving FTTC)


But I am confused as when we log into our account , it does give us the option to upgrade to Faster Fibre.

So what would happen in the situation we are sold a FTTC contract , but our area /phoneline is not capable of the upgrade. Are we at fault , or do we get refunded ?


Whenever I do an availability checker on the talktalk my account site when logged in with our account , it always forwards me to a page where it shows me your recommended package is ADSL with the current speeds I am getting. (Which also confuses me more , whether FTTC is availible in my area or not , as it appears in the available offers when logged into our account)


Please check for me if you can. (I got the impression the person on Live Chat wasn't completely sure of themselves on some answers)

This forum account is associated with the same talktalk number/address  I reported a fault on the first time I interacted with this forum.

If you are unsure I will send the details via a private message if you need to.


I want to makesure we can get FTTC on our phoneline/ address before I order it.


3. Do we get a router/modem when we upgrade to FTTC internet ? Does it come with the upgrade , or do we have to pay separate ? Does the router come with 4 ethernet ports and wireless ?


4. How long do we have to wait to be switched over from ADSL to FTTC once the order is made. Do we have to wait a matter of days or weeks ?


5. For over a decade we've always had a fault that , neither talktalk or openreach could ever find whenever we did report . We just gave up and just lived with it , since nobody could ever find it.


It seems to affect stability and speeds sometimes when it's acting up.  Also speeds in general seem quite poor in general whenever I compare to other people's ADSL , even within the same area. ( Especially upload speeds)


( And I am pretty sure it's not inside the house or in the property , as we already tried to rectify those things the brought up those faults on the forum. I am fairly sure the fault is somewhere on the outside on the way to the cabinet or exchange , but was never found , since the nature of the fault has always been quite variable . Picking the phone also seems to have an effect on the connection , despite all sockets being micro filtered. Sometimes connection is lost while doing so on bad days. State of weather also seems it might be a problem too.)


I am afraid this fault could affect us getting any gains in speed/stability after switching from ADSL to FTTC. (Although there is a possiblity the change from FTTC might get rid of the problem , since some of the line is being switched to Fibre)


Will you be able to help us resolve this if the speeds seem very poor for FTTC  after the upgrade?


(Although my fault from a decade ago , was never fully resolved when joining this forum and still appears on my line now and again even nowadays)

I am pretty sure we aren't that far from the telephone exchange.


Thanks if you can answer any of these.

I only really need answers to the simpler questions at the moment.

I hope to swtich from ADSL to FTTC soon if possible before the offer ends.




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OP go here and click on "Address Checker".


Follow the prompts on screen and eventually you will get the fibre cabinet info. Look for the VDSL figures near the top. Clean is if you have no issues with the line and Impacted is if you do have some issues. Assume your line is impacted and look for the max and min you can expect and also a handback figure. If your speed is below the handback figure and OR cannot fix it then you can back out the contract without penalty.


You'll need TT to send you a new router to get the best out of fibre because the D-Link has a max line speed of 24 mbps. I would be extremely surprised if TT didn't free issue you one.



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My router is very old : it's a D-Link - DSL-2640R

It's from around 10 years ago. A model TalkTalk used to supply back then.

TalkTalk weren't offering FTTC back then , so I kind of doubt it will be compatible.


Plus I don't see any mention of VDSL anywhere when I scroll through the router menus , so I doubting it's compatible with Fibre / TalkTalk FTTC.


I prefer to upgrade through "My Account" if possible , the option still seems to be there for now.

I was just wondering if I upgrade through " My Account" , will I still receive the new Router/Modem ? Will it ask me ? Or is it automatic ? How will they know if I need one or not if I just order through my account online ?


I just hate to be stuck in a situation my ADSL is off , the Fibre is activated , but I 'm stuck with an incompatible router and my new router isn't coming.


But I'd like to just order through My account if possible. I just need to know if I will still get the new router if I order that way ?


Because there doesn't seem to be a huge/clear mention about getting a new router or not , that I can find that I have read so far.


There seems to be more mention about the hub and not much mention about the router .

I think there is mention that a free router but I am not sure if it's for new customers or if existing upgrading customers are eligible to get one too. (My point is how will they know if you need one ? I will probably have follow up on this thread if I need one sent to me)



I also just wasted between 1-2 hours on live chat later today , trying to find out whether I would receive a free fibre compatible router if I upgrade to faster fibre through the my account option and nobody during that time could give me a straight answer.

They ran a check to see for my compatiblity of my router and they said my current was not recognised. (Maybe because it is that old)


I will probably end up upgrading to faster fibre soon. But I want to contact you guys here on this thread to make sure they send me the new fibre compatible router  , if we do end up ordering soon. ( Dealing with the Call Centre and Live Chat generally doesn't seem to go smoothly )




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There's information here about contacting our Loyalty Team


I can't communicate with your router at the moment, if you can tell me the make and model number I'll let you know if it's fibre compatible


If you do need a router you should receive it before you go live or possibly on the day that you go live


You can upgrade through My Account if it's giving you the option, if not then I would advise you to contact our Loyalty team








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Thanks Chris I will order soon probably.


The current router I am using is an ADSL router , I think I got from TalkTalk from around a decade ago.


I don't think that will be compatible with FTTC ?

The person on live chat said my current router will work with FTTC , before I told them that  , which confused me a little.


Does that mean they will send me a new router compatible with FTTC ?


Where do I speak to the Loyality team ? Is it on this forum ?


If possible I would like to just order the Faster Fibre deal just by logging into my Account instead ? Will I still get the new router/modem if I order it in this way ?


Also typcially how long does the upgrade take from the time of ordering ? Will they send me the new router/modem first before switching over from ADSL to FTTC ?



Support Team
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Hi LowQuality,


Fibre does appear to be available. Our systems will only generally allow us to order fibre if it's available so the scenario that you mention shouldn't arise


You will only receive a new router if your current router isn't fibre compatible


If you speak to our Loyalty Team, they should be able to answer any other questions that you have and order fibre for you.