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I asked my first ever question in here on Saturday 6th February 2022 under;

I received a first response from 'Gliwmaeden2 Community Star' who stated that staff would be back on Monday. At that point, I thanked them, but I also explained that I couldn't see what they were referring to in my profile. i was happy to wait for staff to return.


I then had 'ferguson Community Star' decide to get involved for no reason, make wrong assumptions for no reason & only ever make things worse.

I replied, making it very clear that I was asking 1 question only & if you had no answer to it, there was no need to reply.

Ferguson then replied again, with more wrong assumptions, stating;
'No problem. If you don't want help here you will need to start a fresh complaint.'

That's NOT the question I asked, it's not helpful in any way & wasn't ever needed!


I replied again stating;
'What part of don't reply unless you can help with my question, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?
I literally end adding 1 question only, & you still ignore it, to state another WRONG ASSUMPTIONS
PLEASE ferguson, DON'T EVER reply to me again!'


That reply shouldn't ever be needed, but to a community star as well, makes it abhorrent!

Ferguson decides to let someone else play games instead of him then, because 'martswain Philosopher' gets involved for no reason either.
More wrong assumptions only from him now too, but his ending comment of 'You cannot just jump back to your CEO office contact every time you feel like it' isn't even correct, because it's now been escalated back to that office to be dealt with, by the woman I was trying to contact again.
I think someone should also explain to him that the 'O' stands for office, so putting both doesn't even make sense.

I reply again, but now I'm getting distressed because after the 1st response, these 2 awful people shouldn't have ever got involved, but to do it & get everything so wrong anyway, isn't helpful to me or anyone else, asking for help in here!
I even add 'PLEASE' to ask people to stop replying, but they just can't help themselves.

Martswain replies again, with no answer to my 1 question still, as he wrongly assumes yet again, to go on about the previous complaint only.
WHY is this place listed as 'help and support'?


I specifically ask him to stop replying because he isn't helping at all.

Now he shows he was only ever playing games, because he replies again for no reason, but this time, he also adds the advice given previously, about waiting for staff. SO he had no reason to reply when he knew that was what I'd been told in message 2!

Apparently, him & Ferguson can abuse my Mental Health all they want, but when I tell the truth, it's not allowed.
As martswain replied once more, against my wishes yet again, I replied calling him a rapist, because they don't take no for an answer either.

Yes it's offensive, but so was what they were doing!

Suddenly, ferguson pops up now to state;
'OK, that last deeply offensive post has been removed and this topic is now locked.'


So, neither of them answered the 1 question asked, they made up things throughout & martswain carried on even after I begged him to stop, but ferguson only jumps in to defend the guy causing further distress only.
Of course, now it's locked too, so I can't even get help in the week, as I should always have been able to get, had either of those 2 kept their comments to themselves.

To round things off, I then get a PM from martswain, to prove just how abhorrent he actually is, where he states that ferguson has had the last laugh with his big padlock.


I know it's not everyone on here who is that abhorrent, but giving them power to remove/close posts, carry on abusing people etc..., is also abhorrent & someone needs to stop it!

I won't be posting in here ever again now, but like I said, the same woman from the CEO is now dealing with this, so even when you read their abhorrent replies, they weren't even correct in what they falsely claimed!

Can I go back to my contact at the CEO? YES!

Did she limit her help to the previous complaint only? NO!

Was there a time limit on when she would help? NO!

Is she still there? YES!


Perhaps 1 of the staff who read this, can pass it onto ferguson & martswain, to then explain that they really shouldn't post anything, when all they do is wrongly assume 🙂





Ty Power

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I've sent you a Private Message, please can you read this.






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You have been reported again.