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Wifi flaky - multiple devices, and DNS name resolution errors

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My wifi is needing resetting often as we have difficulty connecting to the internet on our devices. occasionally when a new device joins the network the speed of other devices is worsened. Sometimes no devices connect.  These problems exist on ethernet connection to our TV too. I have ran the test services on talktalk which throw up no faults. Logging in to the hub shows apparent full connection despite our issues. The router log is showing hundreds of these errors per day:

26.07.2021 23:21:53ErrorDNS
DNS name resolution failure


I have the advanced wifi hub - FAST5364 3.00 running SG4K10002816t

I have homesafe and all of the other safety features turned off

I have split 2.4 and 5 GHz and have them on fixed channels based on minimising interference from neighbouring networks

I have left the router off for more than 30 minutes to try and solve the issue


I have looked through other threads and note that solutions for other customers with similar situations included switching off wifi optimisation on talk talk end and trialling a new router


Grateful for any support as work is getting disrupted unfortunately (I am a critical key worker for Public Health England).





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Hi nic1987


The WIFI optimisation has now been switched off as requested.




Debbie 🙂

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@Debbie-TalkTalk Thank you

Please could you also switch off wifi optimisation on my account completely - though the DNS issues have resolved there are still issues with the wifi connection unfortunately. I would like to try the sagemcom router with all the wifi optimisation settings off


many thanks for your continued support


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Hi nic1987


Yes of course, this will be fine 🙂


The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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Morning Debbie

If  after testing the Huawei router doesn't improve much , is it possible to return the Huawei instead?


If so I'd like the new router sent out please. We are still having some connection issues



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Hi nic1987


The new firmware is coming soon for the Sagemcom hub but I don't have a specific date to share at the moment.


I can send the Huawei hub but we would need the Sagemcom hub to be returned.






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Yep, the instructions in my post specifically mentioned the TalkTalk DNS addresses, but you are free to use the IP addresses for any DNS service that you like on that screen in the router.


The firmware is now in final testing, a release date has not been confirmed yet, but hopefully should be pretty soon. If TalkTalk do send you out a new router you will also be sent returns bag to return your existing router.

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Thanks @Skynet_TX Ive did what you've advised and will test it out for a bit. If anyone is looking for how to change the default talktalk DNS servers to another service like cloudflare or google the answer is here:



@Debbie-TalkTalkdo you have any idea when the updated firmware for sgemcom will be released? A new huawei test router would be great but not if it means I'd have to send back our sagemcom router which may get sorted and has been good otherwise


Thanks for the support

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@nic1987, below are the details of something you could try to see if it helps, the staff will be back here on Monday, so if they can send a replacement router out on Monday you will likely get that on Tuesday or Wednesday anyway :


At present your router will be acting as the DNS server for all of your devices, so when the DNS stops working in your router all of your devices will lose internet access. However you could configure your router so that it just tells all of your devices to use the TalkTalk DNS servers directly, therefore your devices won't use the router as a DNS server, and so shouldn’t be affected if the routers DNS stops working.


If you wanted to try this you just need to follow the instructions for the 'Wi-Fi Hub' here (ensure you go to the screen described in this article, as there are two screens in the router where you can modify DNS settings, but you must change the settings on the specific screen described in this article for this potential fix to work).


If you have never changed these settings before you will probably find that the primary DNS server is set to (i.e. the router itself). You could change the settings as follows :


Primary :
Secondary :


These are the current preferred TalkTalk DNS servers (they are mentioned at the bottom of that webpage so you know they really are genuine TalkTalk DNS servers).


IMPORTANT : Having changed the settings you would need to make your devices disconnect and reconnect to the router (you could just reboot the devices or the router). When your devices have reconnected they will be configured to use those two addresses above as their DNS servers. So from that point on the devices will use the TalkTalk DNS servers directly rather than going via the routers DNS service.


Making this change may well resolve the issues for you, but if you do ever want to 'undo' this change all you need to do is put the old values back into that screen, or you could just factory reset the router by holding in the pinhole reset switch on the back for over 10 seconds, as that will return all settings back to their initial defaults.

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@Debbie-TalkTalkyes please I would like to try the new router


@Skynet_TXi could try the fix you are suggesting in the meantime


@DivsecIf Skynets fix doesnt work i will try what you have suggested


Thank you everyone


Support Team
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Hi Nicole


I'm sorry to hear this.


Would you like me to send a Huawei WIFI hub for testing?





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Hi @nic1987,


You may well be experiencing a known issue that affects the DNS service of the Sagemcom router. TalkTalk are currently working on a new version of the firmware that will fix the issue, but they have not confirmed when this will be released.


If you are comfortable with logging into the router and changing some settings then I could give you details of something you could do that might work around the issue and stop it from causing this problem. If you would rather not do this then, as @Divsec says, the staff here will be able to offer further help, they may be able to provide a replacement router of a different type for you if they do think you are being affected by this DNS issue.

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Hi @nic1987 Your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear soon but please remember that the staff here work office hours.

You have tried everything I could suggest, short of changing dns Using 3rd Party DNS


I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.