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Only way to get a better package is to leave TalkTalk?

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My contract expired last year, but got it previously at a good renewal price where only now it has been worth looking at what's available and what I thought would be the usual Live Chat or phone call with TalkTalk to get a renewal and possibly a speed bump.


Oh how wrong could I be!? Live Chat were unable to help due to the broadband being spread over 2 packages (cost on a Fast Broadband package and the actual CF broadband being a zero cost package). So I phoned, and was passed to a different department 5 times as each person was unable to help "but the next person will be able to" which included them passing me through to the CityFibre team who were also unable to help.


Final person I got passed through could only offer a new price on my existing speed, which was a very meh offer, but have discovered they failed to mention after the 18months contract the price would be £32/month, which I'd not agree to that deal if I had been made aware on the call. I was very much in 2 minds taking the offer because it wasn't protected from the April price increase. So I am going to be using the 14 day cooldown period to refuse the deal. Did also have the issue where the advisor appeared to royally screw up my account by changing email address, password, etc, to a nonexistent one, etc, but Live Chat later in the day helped fix that.


As TalkTalk don't appear to have the ability to do competitive or even change packages on Full Fibre is the easiest step to just leave TalkTalk after 13 years and go for one of the other CityFibre based providers?


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Hi vrboy


Your account shows that a renewal has been placed today. 


Thank you for staying.


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Previous contract renewals I've always negotiated and the price has remained the same in and outside of contract, and the last one I also asked for the Fixed Price Plus yesterday, but was told that it not available on the package I am on only higher speed packages now, and after being on hold for 15 minutes was told they couldn't change what package I am due to how the TalkTalk account is setup. 


I feel the fact the advisor didn't mention the price changing after the 18 months is on the verge of deceptive and failure to mention a crucial part of the agreement. But as I mentioned in the original post, that whole part I am going to deal with TalkTalk outside of the forum. 


But it is sounding more like package wise longterm it's looking like leaving TalkTalk is the least complicated route due to how their systems (don't) work.


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The price always goes to the headline amount out of contract, and 18 months is pretty usual. 


24 months is the maximum term they can offer, and speed increases not automatic, as they depend very much on line capabilities. 


City Fibre renewals/upgrades seem particularly complicated  and it wouldn't be helped by the My Account not being updated to reflect the Full Fibre package status. It's a quirk of being upgraded while on a FTTC contract.


Unless you specifically ask for Fixed Price Plus, all contracts will have the CPI+3.7% applied in April, and it is added also to the out of contract amount.


The same would be true with all providers, so you do need to check that level of detail when the contract is agreed. 


It can't be set up through the forum.


Cancellations must be processed via calling the LOYALTY team on 03451 720088 (daytime Monday to Saturday) not Chat.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.