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as an Existing customer for over 20 years all i want to to is migrate to the new full fibre sevice

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I have been trying for 6 days to get our existing talktalk service  upgraded to the new full fibre sevice that is now operational in my location but constantly being told  it not avaible in my area . so why are my close neigbours now use this new fibre with many other providers..?  call again today ad was told yes its available and would need to speak to the new lines team ..!  then only to be told i"m an existing customer already and they can not help me . It's the F**king 21st century talktalk i am not asking you to send me to the MOON , was the hell is going on . we have put up with  a very sub-standard sevice for years on an  1960 aluminium line with 4 mbps on a good day and if its rainging might as well have a length of wet string and tow bean cans.

we now have an upto date state of the art newtwok at our door step and you still deny us the use of it . short of messaging your CEO through Linked in where are we to take this to get some help having wasted 6 days of my life to no valid end restult...!

well if we can go to the Moon nothing should be impossible..!

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Hi PeterPWS


Im really sorry that you are unhappy. 


Even through the infrastructure is there,  Until our ordering system is updated to show that Full fibre is available to you to upgrade your current line, there really isn't much we can do to force this through. 


Sorry again.