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EERO 6 app saying it was offline, but it wasn't! A heads up!

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Just had a bit of a strange one - the EERO app said the internet was down, but the EERO had the white light  and devices were working correctly.


After a bit of tweeting it became clear the functioning of the app is dependant on EERO services running OK - and indeed it seems there was issues at EERO.  You don't have to be connected to the WiFi to access the EERO details on the app, you can do this via any network so thinking about it this should have been obvious - the EERO talks to EERO services. 


So one to remember if you experience issues on the app - it may be EERO services having the issue not your EERO or connection.


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UPDATE on my prev post: Hooked the eero up to existing WiFi Hub, managed to get the app to finalise that way, then took the WiFI Hub out of the equation so I was just using the eero which, as recommended, I used the "old" WiFi SSID for the eero, to make existing devices easier to connect, on the old router I had 2 SSIDs one for the 5GHz and one for the 2.4GHz so I knew which was which. Well that don't seem to be something you can do on the eero as its def less configurable; so my phone would not connect, nor my Tapo Cam, plus for most of my devices I had them on a reserved IP. The TT GUI interface thru the app def has been TalkTalk"ified" TBH its cr p. Also speedtest were like less than bad


The 19.45Mbps is the eero!




TT gave me this as at one point my  FF500 dropped and they said it was because the WiFI HUB was not designed for the FTTP speeds!

The graph below was generated by my SamKnows Whitebox


Hopefully you can see that my FF500 speed dropped, may just have been a hiccup but the analytics show it had dropped for a good few hours. As for the super duper eero Pro 6 you decide, TT back to basics and start using routers that can really perform and no gimmiks like the eero!


Kevin, 30 yrs IT experience, including management and IT Tech Support

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Been trying to setup my eero Pro6 for over an hour, app finds the eero but when its trying to connect to the internet it eventually says "The was an issue" tried everything!

Kevin, 30 yrs IT experience, including management and IT Tech Support

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Yes - I have no complaint over the eero it works great and does the job, I do like the far smaller and neater form factor. The upside of the app I suppose is you can access the router from anywhere, not quite sure what benefit that is though!!  Though the stats are very detailed I do like that. I would imagine you are correct and maybe this is the way things will go - I wonder how much data Amazon harvest from the eeros - would explain their take over of the company!!


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The Eero's are a little different than what most of us will have been used to.
They seem like simple but yet capable devices.

it is odd that you need to be able to connect to an external service to see what the devices in your house are doing.
but maybe that's going to be the way of things from now on.