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FTTP via CityFibre - No WAN IP being assigned.

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New TT Future Fibre customer.


ONT installed and connected yesterday afternoon. All lights solid green, but router is not being assigned IP.


I'm using a third-party router as Yodel seem to have lost the TalkTalk unit.

WAN via Ethernet is enabled and set to always-on.

Access mode is set to DHCP.

I've tried connecting both with Service VLAN tagging disabled and set to '911'.


The cable between the router and the ONT has full continuity, tried a backup cable anyway. Still nothing.


The ONT is located at a property I'm currently renovating. I have no devices on site that I can plug directly into the ONT to check connectivity. However, I suspect that there is a provisioning issue.  


Tried calling Support at around 6PM but was cut off immediately after coming off hold.


Where do I go from here?


It's perhaps worth noting that the  Kelly Communications 'engineers' had absolutely no interest in checking connection. One of the lads hung around until the 4 lights on the ONT went green then promptly scarpered without checking connectivity at the router.


Edit: Added attachment with connection settings.


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Thank you for keeping us updated and I'm sorry for the time it has taken to resolve this for you. If you do need any assistance then please let us know. I'm also just sending you a short survey via a PM.





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Do you know what what does to get your Eero a WAN IP address?

Anisa Khalifa

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Morning, Michelle. I visited the property this morning and can confirm that I now (finally) have an active connection!


Despite being given some frankly spurious information regarding the cause of my issues: "Your router is incompatible with the service"/"You need to initially connect the Eero 6 before using a third party router to allow your ONT to authenticate with our servers" etc, on powering up the ONT and the third party router I had initially tried to use (DrayTek), I was assigned a WAN IP with no issues whatsoever.  


Although I'm glad that this saga (hopefully) appears to be over, my experience is one of many that only serves to highlight just how poorly equipped the TalkTalk FTTP support teams appear to be.

Extended lead times for incident resolution are somewhat understandable if like many companies, TalkTalk are currently experiencing staffing issues. However, this in no way explains why your support agents are volunteering  completely false, dishonest explanations for an interruption of service.

I have served my time in 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support roles and if I had fabricated an explanation (apparently with little to no understanding of how the systems I'm providing support for function) and then offered this as a solution to a client despite having zero evidence to support my conclusion, at the very least I would have expected disciplinary proceedings.

"Apologies. We're still actively investigating the issue, but will keep you advised of any changes to your ticket." is significantly more appropriate than "I believe the polarity inverter on the flux capacitor might be running out of phase. Because reasons."


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last time I need to deal with the FTTP support team in their current form. But something really needs done about this. A company lives and breathes on its reputation, and the current levels of customer support are choking TalkTalk.  


I'd like to add that the support I have received via yourself, @Chris-TalkTalk and the other forum mods has been an exception. It's a shame that this level of support does not translate to your outsourced call centres (where I'm sure 90%+ of customers go first when things go wrong).


Please pass my comments on to the relevant team - although I very much doubt they will be taken on board.






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Thanks for the update and please let us know how you get on.





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Good morning, Michelle.


The team were in contact twice yesterday and also suggested to me that they have identified the issue. According to the second call I received, the problem was due to a "code mismatch" between TalkTalk and CityFibre. I asked the agent if they could elaborate on what was meant by a 'code mismatch' but they seemed deliberately vague. However, the terminology chosen makes me suspicious that I was correct in my assertion that the the Kelly Communications lads that arrived at my house to do the install either did not give CityFibre the correct Serial/MAC for my router, or that the Serial/MAC was lost somewhere between CityFibre and TalkTalk's systems. I suppose I'll never be given a more comprehensive  explanation, but if this was the case, it's incredibly unfortunate that it has taken this long to resolve.


Unfortunately, I'm having some refurbishment done to the property this week and likely won't be able to test the connection until the weekend. I'll report back once I have had an opportunity to plug everything back in.
The router has also (finally) arrived. Disappointed that I had to chase your Fibre Team for a tracking number rather than being provided one on despatch. At least it's here, though.



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Just to add, I also received an update to advise that they have identified the potential issue and have made a change and will making contact again today.





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I'm sorry for the delay. Have the team made contact?





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I will check back in with you later on today.





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Thank you, Michelle.


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Ok thanks for confirming. The team have asked that you are contacted directly today.





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I've updated my profile to include my account number and FTTP 'Phone Number'. My original order number was: FTTP_100032192


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I've chased this with the team now. Can I just ask, have you recently updated the FTTP order number in your Community Profile?





Community Star
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Staff will be back on here on Monday, @Swagatha_Christie.


Sorry it can't be sooner.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It has now been 18 days since installation, @Michelle-TalkTalk 

Still no connection. Still no router. Still no contact from anybody outwith the forums regarding this issue. What's going on?!


I borrowed a USB to Ethernet cable from an associate today so that I could test plugging a device directly into the ONT as has been suggested numerous times on this forum. Nothing. Device simply displays 'Unable to connect to network' in its connection status.

Ethernet adapter has been tested with the same device in a different network environment, so definitely not a hardware issue, but like everything else plugged into the ONT, no response.

I also attempted connecting a third third‐party router to the ONT. This time an old Sagemcom Plusnet Hub One. Again, via WAN. No dice.


I have updated my profile with my TalkTalk account number. At the very least can you provide me with my incident number so that when I get billed for the service I have not yet received, I can contest it?


Also, can you please confirm that a replacement router has been despatched? I arranged for a replacement on day 1. Another on day 5 and made my third request on Tuesday the 12th of this month. Each time I'm met with "Oh yes, we'll make sure to send you a new router" and then I hear absolutely nothing back. No email confirmation, no tracking number. Nada.


I have now been reliant on mobile data at this address since installation day. It's simply not good enough. 


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I just wanted to update your topic to advise that I am still escalating this in the background and have FTTP managers investigating.




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So, not long after posting my previous message, I received an email from TalkTalk advising that my Direct Debit has been set up. I hope this isn't an indication that I'm about to start getting billed for a service that so far has not been provided...


I also attempted to perform a Line Test from my account dashboard. Only to be told that the test "Isn't quite ready yet" - much like the CityFibre provisioned Future Fibre package as a whole, I suspect.


@Chris-TalkTalk Can you provide an assurance that I will not be charged for this service until it is successfully up and running, please? Also, can you confirm that a replacement router has been ordered? I am yet to receive any sort of confirmation that a new unit will be provided following on from the failed delivery of my initial router.


As I mentioned previously; I'm fully aware that TalkTalk likely impose strict limits on what information forum staff are permitted to divulge to customers, so my grievance is not with any of the Community employees. However, you do seem to be about the only avenue available to customers looking to actually get anywhere with their queries, being that the call centre/live chat staff are completely and utterly useless.


I will be available all day tomorrow (Tuesday 12th July). Can you please arrange for somebody from the actual UK based Future Fibre Support team to call me on this date so we can get to the bottom of this. These outsourced call centre drones are a complete waste of time.


Support Team
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Hi Swagatha_Christie,


I'm sorry this is taking so long to resolve, we are chasing this with our Future Fibre team, we'll let you know when we receive an update





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I've attached transcript of my most recent conversation with the Future Fibre 'support' team.

Contrary to the assurances made to me on the 2nd of July, I have received absolutely zero further communication and have still not received the replacement router that I was assured would arrive by the end of last week.

It's probably worth noting that this particular FF Support Agent seems to be aware that my account is still awaiting activation, but is unable to divulge any further information regarding the delay. They are also unaware that CityFibre clients do not receive an Eero 6 router with their package. What kind of training are the support agents being given when the customer is better informed than they are?!

Am I also to assume that the assurance made by this agent that they would arrange for a replacement router was also inaccurate?


On behalf of myself, @MartinBarrettNottingham  @Nikonbhoy  and any other customer currently being led up the garden path in regards to this issue, can we please get some kind of statement from TalkTalk acknowledging that there is some kind issue with either their (or CityFibre's) internal systems, that they are doing to resolve the issue and when we can reasonably expect a resolution. All this "please wait 24 hours" and "a member of the Future Fibre team will be in touch" is tiresome and, frankly, disingenuous.


I absolutely refuse to believe that there has been zero internal communication regarding this issue. Isn't it time you offered a little more transparency?

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Thanks for your analysis. That makes perfect sense to me. 


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It sounds to me as if there has been an issue tying the MAC/Serial Numbers of CityFibre's ONT's to the relevant TalkTalk Future Fibre accounts.


Considering that connectivity is via DHCP, the authentication can only be getting handled by some kind of unique identifier on the ONT (SN/MAC Address) which basically says "Hello, I'm the ONT you just installed in Coliander's House. My MAC address is () and I'm meant to be getting Future Fibre 900', please allocate me an IP address on your network."


Because our particular ONT's have not been tied to our account (or any other FTTP supplier in our area), instead they just sit idly on CityFibre's infrastructure waiting for one of the ISP's to put out a connection request. We know the ONT's are successfully on CF's infrastructure, because the broadband light is on. The ONT just doesn't have anybody at the other end of the network claiming it.


I suspect that on installation day (or shortly afterwards), the SN/MAC of the ONT was lost/misattributed/never collected by either CityFibre or TalkTalk. If this is the case, TalkTalk literally can't do a thing about it until the identifying information for the affected accounts is recovered. The only way they can do THAT is by retrieving the information from CityFibre. And if the 'engineers' that visited my house were anything to go by, the box that the ONT came in is probably in the bin.


Without a particular ONT's unique identifier, there is absolutely no way whatsoever that TalkTalk can locate our particular ONT and provide us with a particular level of service.


I suspect that TalkTalk's practice of not immediately allocating an actual account number to new customers does not help whatsoever in this regard, and may also go someway to explaining why there has been little urgency in sending me my replacement router (as they know it'll only serve as a paperweight until they can get this ONT c*ck up under control).


As it happens, the MAC address is printed somewhat clearly on the back of the CF ONT's, so it should be a relatively simple job to put right once TalkTalk can swallow their pride and start asking their customers to do CF's job for them...


I might be completely off the mark with this one, but I think it serves as a reasonably tidy explanation as to why we're connected to CF but TalkTalk isn't connecting to us.