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Fibre500 absolutely disgusting wifi

Richard 1472
First Timer
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So having fibre500 for a week ...I think people should be aware states ... avarage speed of 500mb/ you think your going to get this speed....WRONG . You only get this speed from your fibre line to your eero router NOT from your router to your devises... You might be lucky to get 420mb/s with Ethernet but definitely not with WiFi my best ever has been 200mb over wifi and been as low as 32mb....But the thing I can't get my head around is you supply the eero pro 6 router that is capable of 1 gig speed over wifi.. and can connect over 70 devices to 1 network ..why am I only getting 200mb on a very rare occasion...and to be told to get them speeds you must connect to would you go about connecting 70 devices to Ethernet...FALSE ADVERTISING AT ITS VERY BEST.....And to top it off I asked how would the fibre900 go on...I got the reply they get 2 eero pro devises.....I did explain that would not increase the speed....just the WiFi range can't make it up



Richard 1472
First Timer
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Yes agree but would be impossible to connect all the demanding devices to Ethernet and would look unsightly...and have new devices like Xbox series x which runs WiFi 6 and still the speeds are poor.....but it would be nice if there would be a way to manually change channels due to neibours WiFi 


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You could well be one of the many that is now finding that their own WiFi devices do not have the same capabilities as the eero.


The link rate between the eero and your device could well be limited by the device's adapter and of course speeds will drop off with distance, as with any and all routers.


As for connecting via ethernet, you could invest in an ethernet switch to provide more ports.


A lot of TT customers are now finding exactly the same issues as I had at my overseas home when we upgraded to a 500 Mbps service but are incorrectly blaming TT when they do not understand where the bottleneck actually is.


As you said yourself, you are getting full speed from the ONT to the router and if you did upgrade to the 900 service, then that would still be the case, but the WiFi variables would still be an issue.