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Future fibre: what a horrible uncoordinated, confusing mess

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So I got the email offering me the free upgrade to full fibre to the premises. Like a fool I made the phone call and was given several options of how I could proceed with the upgrade. At the time I had fibre65 with anytime calls through the copper landline. I was told I could have fttp150 and keep my phone package. Everything was confirmed and the engineer was booked to install the ont on the 13th of march.

Since then I've got several emails telling me about what to expect and that i should expect the eero router by 9th and if it didn't arrive by then the email told me to contact the FF team as it would be needed for the install.

The 9th came and passed and the router didn't arrive. I contacted online chat and was passed to the FF chat team who told me the engineer would bring it with him.

When the engineer arrived I asked him about the eero router and he said he knew nothing about this and talk talk should have sent it to me prior. Nevertheless, he installed the ont without the eero.

On chatting he further told me the copper line would be removed as talktalk only do 150 data at the moment. On hearing that I started to get worried. I've had my phone line for a while and don't want to loose it. I'm sure I didn't agree to that signing up to the upgrade. Since Friday morning I've been on online chat trying to find out if I'm losing my landline. I keep getting conflicting answers, one person told me that I could plug my analogue rj11 connector straight into my eero router when it arrives. This is nonsense as far as I can see. I've been trying to find out when my eero router will arrive and been given no answer and also asked talktalk to clarify which package I have been put onto as when I log on to my account it only shows my current package.

On the online help it says once you go live you will be emailed a link to register your future fibre account. How long does this take, the engineer came on Friday, it's now Sunday night?

To top it all off since installing the ont, my current package has developed a fault and I am only getting 20mb, even though I'm paying for 65mb, and I regularly get dropouts.

My experience of this free upgrade has been terrible. The FF online chat don't know what they're talking about and the waiting time is such a frustration. I'm now totally confused to what I've signed up to and what my package should be. At the time of the initial upgrade, I was quite clear of what I was offered and would be happening. However, my experience since has been nothing more that frustration, confusion and disappointment. 


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Hi Chris, or any other customer support agent available to answer my queries, is there any update regarding my account yet? I've heard nothing since Thursday? My package is about to be charged on the 25th march.

My old package account still says a)I'm on fibre 65 and the contract ends in November so it hasn't been updated yet. 

B) I'm still waiting to get the email link which allows me to set up my fttp account like it says on the second future fibre email I received. (It states you wil be able to view your account online once you go live?).

C) I've still not received any clear written confirmation on what package im on and how I will be charged.

D) when does the 20 day free to leave period run from, is it once you've installed the ONT, or once your account/billing goes live?

Kind regards.


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Hi Chris, is there any update on my account yet? Kind regards.

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The  3 months free email was received the 1/03/22. I've included the details at the end of my private notes section.


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Sorry, I didn't make that clear, could you confirm if that is your latest bill email or the email with the information about 3 months free service? It's the date of the email with the 3 months free service that I need if possible




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Sorry, it was 16/03/22 so yesterday.


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Sorry, should that be the 16/02/22?


(I haven't sent you an email, I replied to a post by John__a on your thread, it's probably just an automated notification email)




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Email was dated Wednesday 16/04/22 time 11:37 regarding my billing. As a side note you yourself have also just sent me an email meant for another user (John__a), by mistake?


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Hi John__a,


Could you try contacting the Future Fibre team again please and if you still have no luck could you start your own thread if you haven't already





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Hi Romkie,


So I can look into this further could I ask when the email was sent to you?




First Timer
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I got the offer of an upgrade but was told that I would loose the phone by customer services who said to ignore the email if I didn't want to proceed.

I've now lost the plot as TalkTalk are sending me a parcel which customer services know nothing about.

I've tried contacting the Future Fibre team but not managed to get through. If anything does turn up I'll send them away.

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Hi Chris, if that is the case, I've just received a bill from the fttc account for:

£32.02 for the period 15 March 2022 - 14 April 2022. This is due on the 25th of March.
According to you, the fttp went live from the 11th march.
When I upgraded it was agreed I would receive 3 months free, I have this also quoted in a email. So there's already something wrong with that explaination.






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Hi Romkie,


Apologies for any confusion, I've received an update from our Future Fibre team. They've told me that as you are are still receiving your voice service through your existing FTTC connection the Future Fibre will continue to be billed through FTTC but your monthly charge will be whatever you agreed to when you signed up (they've confirmed that you won't get charged for both services)



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Thanks for the update Chris. In this day and age I cannot believe that it's taking so long to get the simplest of answers. Surely everything is on a digital system where a talktalk representative can just log onto your account and tell you;

A)what package your on,

B)what package your being upgraded to and what equipment is included,

C)the cost of that new package and when that package starts?


Whenever I've phoned up or got on live chat it's like the representative is either searching through papers for answers or reading the manual first, because they don't yet know how the talktalk future fibre system works.

- it took me five days just to get the confirmation of what package I was being upgraded to.

- it took an extra 6 days to get the equiptment I should have had on the 9th march.

- the open reach installer couldn't install and check the equiptment as per the online/email instructions I was given as the equiptment hadn't arrived by then.

-I've had to take 3 mornings off work within the last two weeks for 2 engineer visits on my copper line and one engineer visit to install the ONT.

- I've spent hours (and I mean hours) talking online with the future fibre team.

Talktalks statement on their website that you'll receive, "a hassle free upgrade" is a joke. I hope you get more sense out of the future fibre team than I did because I get the feeling I'm going to get charged for both my 65fibre and 150fullfibre soon. If that happens my 20 year relationship with talktalk will be over.

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Hi Romkie,


Just a quick update to let you know that I'm waiting on a response from our Future Fibre team, I'll let you know as soon as I have any more information


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Hi Romkie,


I'm still looking into this, I'll let you know when I have an update. Thanks for comments, I'm happy to help 🙂



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Hi Chris, an update on when I can expect my account to go live would be great. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your help. If it wasn't for your help I'd have left talktalk by now. Kind regards.


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Hi Romkie,


Glad to hear that it's up and running now. Yes the eero performance is improved if you get another one as it is a mesh solution. You can if you prefer, continue using the Sagemcom, it should work fine on your Future Fibre connection 


I'm not sure about that My Account issue, I'll try to find out and get back to you



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So I've connected the eero and set it up, which was quite easy. I'm getting 150/30 according to

The hub is in the same place where my black sagem talktalk wifi hub was so I can compare WiFi coverage between the two.

Near the hub the WiFi signal on the eero is excellent, however the coverage area is considerably reduced as you move away from it. In my office I get one bar and 7mbs, in comparison to 14mbs on the hub (in a building outside the main house and about 20mtrs from the eero). In my living room, on my smart TV, I get two bars and 38mbs compared to, 3 bars and 49mb on the sagem. It's abit disappointing, but the eero is alot smaller and its only 5v Vs. the 12v of the sagem. It's aso a mesh router, so can be expanded to fix low signal areas. Another down side is that there's only 1 spare Lan port.

So in my experience Id say the eero has about 20-30% less coverage than that of the talktalk hub and I guess you have to pay more to get an additional eero? Also any idea on how long it will take for my future fibre account to be activated so I'm paying the right amount? Upon reading the forums people have been waiting weeks/months?

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Yes you don't have to worry about VoIP yet and yes, could you try the connecting and using the FTTP line, it should be working. Please let us know how you get on



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Hi Chris, many thanks. You've finally got the answer I've been trying to get since Friday. So I won't need to worry about changing over to VoIP just yet? 
So I now just need to get the account to go live now as I'm suppost to be getting 3 months free but I won't get that if I'm still registered to my old package and paying the old monthly fees. Should I be able to connect and use the fttp line now, is it ok to try? Kind regards Teresa