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Vulnerable adult mobile service barred and fault on landline

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My isolating mother who is frail, has cancer and early dementia has had her mobile outbound phone stopped as exceeded her minutes but she pays by direct debit so why can you not just charge her? Her landline appears to have a fault on and crackles so bad she cannot hear on it. She uses the phone as her lifeline. Can she not just be charged as she uses it until her minutes renew ?


Support Team
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Hi @Podjules 

I'm sorry to hear your Mother has exceeded her mobile usage and gone over her allowance which has resulted in a bar been placed on the line. If your TalkTalk Mobile service is suspended, you need to make a payment to start using it again. You can do all this in My Account.

You'll need to pay 50% or more of the usage costs you’ve incurred. As soon as you do that, we'll bring your account back online. It usually takes up to four hours, so bear with us. Once your account is back, you should turn your phone off and on again to make sure all your services are working properly.

With regards to your Mother's crackle on her landline, you can run a line check at to see if there is a current fault. If you need further support with this, please create a new post in

Kind regards.